Here we go again.

For the past several years I’ve been thinking maybe this is the last year I’ll homeschool, but nope! When I started with Kathryn as a kindergartner way back in 2005, I had no idea I’d still be at it fifteen years later. Then again, at that time I had no idea we’d have more kids. Life is full of curve balls, and 2020 may go down as the curve-balliest year yet.

the face I make during homeschool planning
{The face I make during homeschool planning.}

Scout did okay in her sixth grade year at public school, but she wasn’t quite thriving. Then COVID-19 stepped in so of course she spent the last few months of that year at home anyway. After it was announced that the remainder of the school year would be done virtually, I stopped having her do the suggested-but-not-required public school work and switched to homeschooling her alongside Jem.

That went better than anticipated and now here I am planning our upcoming homeschool year with two middle-schoolers. That’ll be a first for me. It’s also the busiest working year I’ve had since I started homeschooling, with part of it out of the house, so that’s a pretty big logistical challenge. It’s do-able, but the introvert (INFJ + HSP) inside me are already screaming about how much alone time — and sleep! — I’m going to need to make this happen and remain a reasonably nice person.

Thankfully, I’ve done this long enough to know homeschooling doesn’t take all day. We are pretty low-key and somewhat unschoolish about how we do things. I’ve had some requests from newer homeschool moms, especially those who work, to share more about how we’ll be doing things. Turns out that’s the kick in the pants I needed to get me writing here more regularly.

It’s going to be an interesting year, y’all.

Send tea. And chocolate. And know I’m gonna be spending quality time with my kettlebells plus stacks and stacks of good books.

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I can’t believe they are both in middle school already! Looking forward to seeing what you pick for their curriculum and watching them bloom this year!


You’ll survive & do amazing as you always do & for the days that you need to vent, well that’s my department 😉 XOXO

Nicole Bourgeois

You’re welcome for the ‘kick in the pants’! I am so excited to read more.