High School Planning (and a Giveaway!)

In the past few weeks, Kathryn seems suddenly so grown up. She’s always been a beautiful girl, but she’s looking so much older lately; more young lady than girl. Maybe it’s the new jeans, or the new ways she’s been wearing her hair. Whatever it is, it makes my heart squeeze just a little.


Next month, Kathryn will turn 13. Although we have a couple of years before she gets to high school, I’m already thinking about it. Right now, she doesn’t have the desire to attend college — which is absolutely fine by me — but I want to keep her options open; if her senior year arrives and she decides she does want to go to college, I don’t want my poor planning or poor record-keeping to prevent that.

Lee Binz, The Homescholar, has recently published a book to help homeschool parents prepare for college. I’ve just finished reading it, and I’m glad to have this as a resource for my high school planning.

Note: I was given a copy of Lee’s book in exchange for my honest review, but was not compensated for this post in any other way. All opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy.


Confession: I expected a book about college planning to be boring. Useful — but boring. When I saw a quote from The Princess Bride (our family’s most oft-quoted movie!) in the intro to every chapter, I knew Lee must be a kindred spirit and I’d likely enjoy this book far more than I’d anticipated! Lee writes in a friendly way, sharing enough real-life examples to be helpful, but packing this resource with relevant, useful information, and a nifty chapter summary at the end of the chapter.

Though the subject matter in the book seems intimidating, I felt encouraged rather than overwhelmed after I’d read this book. This is something I can do! Even if your child is not college-bound, there’s so much about thorough high school planning in here! Lee includes sections on all sorts of topics, from how to determine your child’s strengths and how to put those on a transcript, to how to get really good reference letters (great for more than just college applications!), to choosing a college that fits your child. And if your child is college-bound, Lee shares a great deal of information on how to get scholarships, what tests to take (like the PSAT) and when to take them, even information about gap years and college for struggling learners.

Lee has provided a copy of this book to giveaway to one of my readers, so if you are a homeschool parent with a child in or nearing high school, enter below! If you don’t win, I recommend you purchase your own copy of The HomeScholar Guide to College Admission and Scholarships {affiliate link}!

Giveaway ends Friday, August 23rd. (See more details in widget.)