Homecoming Dance

Lindsey asked me to do her and her friend Sarah’s hair and make-up for the Homecoming Dance. She has asked me to do this for every “big” event, and I’ve gladly turned our bathroom into a make-shift salon. I feel pretty special that she (and her friends!) trust me enough to do this for them! I sincerely hope that this getting-ready stuff , though rather frivolous, will become a fond memory when she is grown; I’m reminded so very often that I have so few years to make these kinds of memories with her. {sigh}

getting ready for the homecoming dance

Sarah’s mom stayed and chatted with us while the girls got ready, which was a nice way to get to know her a little better. Lindsey and Sarah hit it off as friends right away when they met at school. Sarah reminds me of one of my own best high-school friends, Meagan.

Once everyone was ready, it was — of course — picture time!

Me and my pretty girls

me with my girls

It amuses me that with her heels, Lindsey is taller than Ken. She was afraid of being taller than her date if she wore heels, but I told her to embrace that beautiful frame God gave her! I’m happy that she’s been working on improving her posture; I think many early-blooming girls get in a habit of slouching because the boys take so much longer to catch up height-wise.

Lindsey and Ken

Although entirely NOT planned, Sarah and Lindsey both ended up with silvery dresses with black accents. Kathryn wore a grey dress this day, too, so she coordinated as well!

Lindsey’s date is a respectful young man who is very involved in the NJROTC (Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp) and wants to be a Marine after he finishes high school. In fact, he transferred to this school specifically because wanted to be part of the Navy JROTC program. Both Sarah and Lindsey are in the NJROTC as well, but this is their first year, while it’s his third year.

Lindsey says he’s intimidated by Ken. I can’t say I think that’s a bad thing!

It’s hard, being the parent of a teen. Maybe even more so a teen girl because there seems to be so much more to protect her from.  This has been very much on-the-job training for us! Although there is still a long way to go, and so many more things we want to teach Lindsey while she is under our roof, she has come such a long way since she became our daughter just two years ago.