Homeschool: Band Concert, Tea, Life

Seems like nearly every photo in this post is a blurry iPhone pic. That bothers me — but it is what it is. Sorry!

A presidential election is a darn good educational conversation topic. From discussing a candidate’s stance on specific topics, to how voting and the electoral college works, to learning about proposed amendments for our local election, and all sorts of things in-between. Kathryn colored in an electoral map as the votes came in. (Until bedtime came, anyway.)

election map

In history this week, Kathryn and I read about the Wright brothers, about Glacier National Park, and about the culture of the native Alaskan people. I like the variety our Notgrass American History curriculum gives us, while still staying focused on a particular time period. Lindsey isn’t head-over-heels about her high school version of this history curriculum, but she does it without complaint, and that’s saying something. The accompanying writing assignments are another matter; Kathryn can usually find one she likes, but Lindsey thinks they’re all pretty painful.

Kathryn had her last band class of the semester this week, and performed in her first-ever band concert last week! They did great, and it was a treat to hear all the more advanced bands in the group, too. 

flute concert

Our other enrichment classes are winding down, so we’re thinking about what we’d like to do for next semester. We’ll have to sign up in a few weeks, but classes won’t start back until January.

Kathryn is working her way through Teaching Textbooks 6, and doing a fun business math every now and then. {I recently reviewed it if you’re curious!} Lindsey is still doing Barron’s EZ-Business Math, and even had a day of doing inventory at work last week to put a little more of that into real life practice! She’s also doing Dave Ramsey’s homeschool finance course, and liking that pretty well.

A whole lot of life happenings beyond schoolwork:

Last week we wrapped our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, and turned them in at church on Sunday. {Note to self: don’t use shoeboxes with attached lids next year; they are a royal pain to wrap!}

OCC boxes

We enjoyed a celebratory tea at our favorite tea room for Kathryn’s [very belated] birthday, and my mom’s [very recent] birthday. I’ve lost count of how many birthdays and other special occasions we’ve celebrated at this tea room. Love it!

Sisters at Tea

birthday tea 2012

My dad gave us a big scare last week, and was rushed to the emergency room with a high fever and barely able to breathe. He spent several days in the hospital to treat his severe pneumonia, but was released earlier this week. We are all very glad that he has agreed to stay (at least for now) at my sister’s house, which means we can see him much more often and make sure he’s doing okay. He is still very weak and having some issues with medication and such, so I’d appreciate prayers on his behalf. We’ve definitely been reminded what really matters as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving next week.

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