Homeschool Pre-K Curriculum Plans

“Pre-K Curriculum” is almost an oxymoron. Four-year-olds should play, hear good stories, and play, play, play!

All that being said, there’s no reason not to have a few intentional plans for our pre-k year. I know my 4-year-old will want to “do school” since he’ll see his big sisters doing it; he wants to be included in everything they do! However, I’m determined to keep it simple and fun!

Our Super-Simple Plans for Pre-K:

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Morning Board

My focus for our morning board is the 1st grader, but there’s plenty here a preschooler can learn, too. Bonus for me: if I can convince him that “tomorrow” is not a day of the week, conversations about when we’re doing what will be so much easier!

morning time fairy

I’ll share a post with more about our morning board later, but in short, we discuss calendar and weather, weekly memory verse and character trait, and work on memorizing our address, etc.

{Sometimes a fairy princess helps with our morning board!}


My preschooler will be listening in to read-alouds for the 1st grader, and I’m sure she’ll be wanting to listen in on his as well!

Just a few of our planned preschool read-alouds:
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We’ll use many of the book suggestions and “extra ideas” on ABC Jesus Loves Me, a free online preschool curriculum. When he feels like sitting down at the table with us, I’ll have him do a page or two in his preschool workbooks from Rod and Staff.

Nature Study


We’ll do plenty of relaxed, fun nature studies. We don’t have to do preschool-specific studies; he’ll learn alongside the bigger kids. We’ll do nature studies like Barb’s Outdoor Hour Challenges; we’ve done these since my 7th grader was a kindergartener! I also like Maureen’s preschool science ideas and plan to try making her paper bag nature journals!

And that’s it!

That’s all I have planned for our super-simple year of homeschool pre-k!