Homeschool Room 2015

Every year I do a homeschool room post, and every year it’s an update with a new table or a new arrangement (or both!) — but this year the big change is that nothing much has changed! I’m a chronic re-arranger, so it’s crazy that everything is pretty much where it was last year.

Instead of rearranging/redecorating, my focus instead has been on tackling tasks on a to-do list that’s been ten years in the making. Things like repainting the living room wall where I touched up paint with the wrong color, re-caulking the tub in the master bath, and figuring out what we’re going to do with the kitchen floor that really should’ve been replaced when we moved in.

Living room and “school” table:

homeschool room tour at See Jamie blog

Our open living/dining area gets the most daily action. The only real update in the living room (not pictured) is a new ottoman, and an additional dog — which means another dog bed and no potted plants on the floor because she ate them.

See details on our storage and organization in last year’s post.


homeschool mom's office

I’m still in loooove with my teal desk and my happy little office corner.

Extra notebooks currently reside under my china cabinet/bookshelf, right next to my Fair Trade Friday tote which works wonderfully for books or taking my laptop for a Starbucks workday!

Necessities like my printer, files, camera bag, and other supplies reside on a small shelf next to the piano.  {Want a piano? It’s for sale!!!}

homeschool room office storage


A whole lot of unstructured learning happens here. We’ll utilize it even more when we get back into the nature studies I’ve let slide the past couple of years. Getting back into my favorite subjects is a recurring theme for us this year.

homeschool outside

Art center:

The kitchen table is covered in oilcloth and is in a convenient location for easy clean-up. Paints, chalk pastels, other art supplies, and extra old vinyl tablecloths are stored in my vintage Sellers cabinet.

homeschool art area

My favorite art projects are Tricia’s pastels tutorials and Alisha’s mixed media (affiliate links), but when I don’t feel like anything structured, I just let the kids play with some simple watercolor paints. Honestly, any sort of art was somewhat rare last year but it’s another one of my big goals for this year.

See last year’s post for MORE photos and details on all home’s learning spots.

NEXT year’s homeschool tour may be entirely different because we’re planning to downsize significantly in the coming year; the homes we’re considering are about half the size of our current house, so that’ll be interesting! {Did I mention I need to sell that piano!?! And a whole bunch of other things!}

. . . . . . .

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