Homeschool Week: Farmer’s Market, Cute Dog, a Weird Car, and MORE Summer

weekly report
We’re past Labor Day now… which means summer is unofficially gone, but it’s still feeling plenty hot around here, and I am soooo ready for fall weather.

History, Math, Literature

Kathryn is enjoying history (America the Beautiful). In fact, she asks to do things like vocabulary words or writing assignments so she’ll have papers to put in her history binder. This week, Kathryn and I read about Yosemite, John Muir, and Thomas Edison (whose school teachers thought he was “slow” before his mom decided to home educate him!). Lindsey says Kathryn’s history is more fun because it has interesting photos in the lessons. Actually, I’m going to give Lindsey next week off from history because I’m planning how to change things up so it’s more enjoyable for her and so she retains more, but with less busy work.

Lindsey is staying on top of math. In fact, it’s become her preferred subject. I say “preferred” rather than “favorite” because “favorite” would imply she really liked a subject. But we’re plugging along. Kathryn still likes Teaching Textbooks.

Our trips to the library are turning into an almost weekly thing. Kathryn is trying to read her way through the entire Nancy Drew series. Those are just for fun, but this week she also read the historical fiction book Lyddie, plus The Incredible Journey, which was on my long list of books for free reading.

(a new reading spot in the living room)reading nook


Doesn’t seem like I’m talking much about our Biblical studies. But the reality is that we’re including this in our other subjects, even history and science. Of course there’s also Kathryn’s weekly mitzvah classes, our personal devotions, and the Genesis class Lindsey is taking.

Nature Study and Science

We’re working our way through Barb’s “Last Days of Summer” outdoor challenge.

last days of summer nature study

We even specifically went to the local farmer’s market last weekend so that Kathryn could check off “try something at a farmer’s market.” Her choice: frozen pink lemonade.

farmers market

While there, saw crazily decorated cars, bought local honey from “the bee man,” and perused the arts and crafts show going on there. We always see so many dogs there, so one of these days, when we don’t have to go anywhere after that, we’ll take Lacy.

crazy car

Back here at home, we’ve all been nearly dive-bombed in the acrobatic exploits of our crazy hummingbirds. They are not attacking us, but we’re simply in the way as they are chasing each other in what looks to be territorial disputes. I’m refilling the feeder one more time today so they can fuel up for their long trip to Mexico. Which still, for the record, completely amazes me.

I guess astronomy could be considered nature study, too, couldn’t it? This is one of those subjects I’m not teaching but Kathryn is learning herself. She’s fascinated with it, has several websites she reads daily to learn more, and already knows far more than I ever did about astronomy. Of course we all ventured out to see the “blue moon” when it was visible last Thursday night!


Last time I mentioned our enrichment classes, one of my commenters mentioned how lucky we are to have these activities nearby. She’s right, and I don’t want to take that for granted. Although I still entertain fantasies of living on a farm somewhere, we really do live in a great area that’s central to a lot of things, and over the past few years, the number of opportunities for homeschoolers has skyrocketed. It really is wonderful to have so many options.

This week was Kathryn’s first band class! She was a little nervous and a whole lot of excited, and really enjoyed it. She says the teacher is really nice and there are teen helpers in the class from the much more advanced bands, and Kathryn really liked the girl that was helping the four flute players.

Lindsey and Kathryn are both enjoying knitting, and have been assigned their first project to work on. Kathryn is really having fun being a teacher’s assistant in a kindergarten class, and it’s extra fun that it’s a space class since she is so into astronomy.

This time, Lacy came with me to pick the girls up from classes. It was her first ride in the super-cool minivan. 😉
Lacy in the minivan

The Extras

I’m currently torturing Lindsey with health. She needed a credit, and she’s nearly done with what she needed to complete, but there is one more pesky little workbook to finish and you’d think I was asking her to clean the toilet with her toothbrush. Today she “pinky-promised” me that she’d have it done by the end of next week, though!

Kathryn is still doing a worksheet or two of cursive each week, practicing at her own request so she can learn it better. And next week, she’ll get into actual computer activities in KidCoder computer programming.

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