Is homeschooling a burden?

Every day of homeschooling is delightful. We greet the day in pleasant moods, pray together, and after enjoying a healthy homemade breakfast, we all study together until it’s time to frolic through a field of daisies while holding hands and laughing.

Ha ha ha! That is so NOT how it goes!

homeschooling is not frolicking through a field of daisies

I’ll be the first to tell you: homeschooling isn’t easy. There are big ol’ challenges, like:

  • never-ending parenting, as in, 24/7
  • managing a child who would likely be on ADHD meds if not homeschooled
  • it’s more difficult to get household chores done
  • little kids who need close supervision and help with every subject
  • keeping the littles from interfering with my independent learner
  • maintaining motivation to do what needs to be done
  • and did I mention the 24/7 part?

But a few weeks ago, when most of the local schools were gearing up, a homeschool mom I know said she was dreading the start of her family’s homeschool year, and several other homeschool moms chimed in their agreement. That made me sad; I was about to start our school year here at home, and I was genuinely excited about it.

We’re a month in now, and it’s not going flawlessly. There are days we accomplish next to nothing because of attitudes in the house (sometimes mine!), and we drive each other batty sometimes. But oh, y’all, I’m still so glad I’m able to do this.

This isn’t a post about the benefits of homeschooling.

I could give you a long list of reasons I feel homeschooling is the best option for my kids: building relationships, catering studies to their interests rather than what someone somewhere decided is “required”, figuring out learning styles and working with those… I could go on and on.

But today I’m not debating the merits of homeschooling. My point is this: if homeschooling is the path we’ve chosen, then why dread it? It’s not the hard days that make it a burden; only our attitude can do that.

As with anything we do, it’s a choice whether or not we embrace it or feel burdened by it — and although I have my less-than-stellar days, I owe it to myself and my kids to embrace this path we’re on for as long as we’re on it.

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Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Yes. This.


It isn’t fabulous everyday that’s for sure. But I sure am glad to have my kids home, I would miss them if they were gone each day!


I have to be honest, there hasn’t been 1 day that I regretted homeschooling. However, it’s likely because I had the pleasure of dealing with both private and public schools for nearly 15 years. Now there are days I get frustrated, but no where near as much as I did when my kids had to go to traditional school.


I love the honesty in this post. I fall in the “little kids who need close supervision and help with every subject” place as mine are preschool and kindergarten. I can say that I have not regretted our homeschooling choice (we are in our 2nd year), especially when I hear my friends say that their kindergartener gets home from school at 4:30 and then still has homework to do. I am so thrilled that we do school together, they love it and we get to spend time as a family (without the burdens of homework). It may not always be… Read more »


Beautifully said.


This.was.amazing. You said so much using so few words! Thank you!


I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to homeschool. I think our lives are enriched by the activities we choose and the rhythm we set. I will admit that I never want summer to end. I enjoy the weather, the availability of friends, and the relaxed pace. I find myself simultaneously looking forward to the things we have planned for our homeschool year and sad that summer is fading away.


Love this. Needed this. Thank you. 🙂


What you don’t always frolic through daisies?? Man I’m doing it wrong 🙂 This is so true and so important to remember, thanks for the reminder!


Amen!! Love this.


Yes, Jamie! You nailed this.