Homeschooling gives our family time

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking lately about how much harder it would be for us to keep and strengthen family bonds and deal with all the things life throws at us if the kids were in school. I know it’s possible because I’ve seen friends do it, but time feels more of-the-essence in this blended/adoptive family with all it’s complications.

The fact is, homeschooling gives our family more time.

homeschool moments

In the photo above: As always, the boy builds LEGOs every day – like the stretch limo. We always leave time for plenty of free reading. We took my mom with us to a hummingbird banding event and met a few owls, too! Scout has decided to start doing her own copywork, just because; here she’s copying a poem. And best of all: Kathryn sandwiches!

A birthday and a new family member!

Shortly after returning from our wonderful family vacation, we celebrated Kathryn’s 14th birthday!

happy birthday to Kathryn

Yesterday Kathryn got braces — but today we’ll be bringing home a new doggie, so that’ll be a happy distraction. And of course I’ll share [probably too many] new dog photos soon!

Fire trucks, motorcycles, and more!

A couple of weeks ago Ken took the younger kids to a community “Touch a Truck” event where they got to sit in and learn about all sorts of safety vehicles. Since he’s always making things like this out of LEGOs, running to the window to see which color garbage truck is coming in the neighborhood, and yelling “Motorcycle!” every time he sees one, I knew Jem would eat this up, but Scout had fun, too.

kids with big trucks

Boy-mom time.

While the girls take a couple of local enrichment classes one day each week, the boy and I hang out, run errands, whatever. He’s a hoot. And when I use some of that time to work on my new hobby of art journaling, he loves when I let him paint, too!

{More to come about my art journaling in another post, but you can follow my progress on instagram!}

me and the boy

I don’t plan anything big – or really, anything at all on these days, but I am glad we get a little time to ourselves each week. I see it helping our relationship. After all, I’ve only been his mom a little over a year now. {Read our one-year adoption update.}

Welcome, fall; we missed you!

We spend these cooler fall days outside as much as possible. When we’re inside, Scout is enjoying learning more about the states with Little Passports, and Kathryn is teaching her to crochet. Ken is teaching Jim to play checkers, and he often plays board games with the kids in the evenings since it’s getting dark so much earlier. {I’m thankful he enjoys it because I’d rather poke a fork in my eye than play board games!}

learning to play checkers

With all this talk of fall, I think I should go make something pumpkiny, like these drool-worthy cookies! Oh, and check out this list of apple crafts to make with the kids!

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