Homeschooling in Georgia Handbook

Eight years ago, I was a brand new homeschooler. Thankfully, I had a few friends that were new to this adventure, too, so we helped each other by sharing resources and ideas. Having these friends along for the ride helped tremendously, but even with those homeschooling friends, there was still so much I didn’t know!

Tricia, another Georgia homeschooling mom and blogger of Hodgepodge fame, started as a blogland friend and has become a real-life friend. We first met in real life a little over two years ago, when she came to see me (and my big hair!) in Steel Magnolias:

Tricia and Truvy

Tricia and I decided to create a resource for other Georgia homeschoolers, a compilation of a whole lot of info in one handy place. The result is an ebook we’ve decided to offer our readers for free.

Our Homeschooling in Georgia ebook includes info on:

  • Homeschool laws and graduation requirements
  • Field trips and other educational places and events
  • Co-ops, enrichment classes, and support groups
  • Homeschool conventions, used curriculum fairs, book sales.
  • Where to buy curriculum and educational supplies

handbook for homeschoolers in Georgia via See Jamie Blog

Of course, this ebook is not all-encompassing, and homeschool laws are subject to change at any time. But it’s a good jumping-off place, and we hope you’ll find it helpful! Since we couldn’t include everything in this handbook, we’ve also created a Homeschooling in Georgia Pinterest board we will continue to update as we come across relevant or helpful sites.

Get your FREE copy:

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