I am random. (a peek into my brain)

I usually tame my thoughts before sharing them, because a peek into my brain is a scary thing. My family often tells me they’d be afraid to be inside my head.

A bit of my randomness:

1) I’m excited to be participating in the 10 Days Series, organized by iHomeschool Network. It’s going to take me months to read all the posts by these great bloggers, but I’m eager to do so!

10 Days bloggers

As for my part in the series, I’ll be writing about [nearly] all the things you ever wanted to know about adoption! I’ve been talking to a bunch of other adoptive parents, so I can share much of their experiences, too. I would surely appreciate your help in spreading the word about this adoption series, which begins next Monday! This is where the majority of my brain power is right now.

2) Long Hair vs Short Hair. I like my hair long, but only if it’s past my shoulders and long enough to do different fun things with it. And get it in a proper ponytail or braid when it’s a gazillion degrees outside. I also really like my hair pixie-short. I do NOT like my hair anywhere in-between, and therein lies my current dilemma. I’d happily keep it short but it grows fast and ends up being expensive to keep it cut often enough. But growing it out would require a whole LOT of hating it in the meantime. Hmm…

3) Ken and Lindsey got back safe and sound from the Dominican Republic late Saturday night. Their groups did construction, painting, evangelism, visited orphanages, sports ministry, and more. I know Ken will be posting more of his photos on his blog, but I’m sharing a few:

sports ministry in Dominican Republic

painting on mission trip in Dominican Republic

girl playing in Dominican Republic

4) I have a new iPad! Actually, not the new iPad, but an iPad 2. It is my early Mother’s Day/Birthday gift since Ken was able to get a good deal because the arrival of the new ones means most places want to get rid of the “old” ones. Woohoo! Now I’m figuring out how best to use it, and I am selfishly keeping it for mine, mine, mine! Kathryn has all but taken over my kindle, which is fine, as I’ll probably just call it the school kindle. Everybody uses the Big Mac (our desktop iMac). The girls sometimes use my phone to play games. There will be no games on this thing! But if you have a useful app to suggest, please tell me!

5) Prayers, please? Just today, I learned of a boy (friend of a friend) who overcame a brain tumor but now has a long-term side effect that makes him constantly hungry. He knows logically that he isn’t hungry but he craves food like a drug, and this causes such a problem for people with this rare type of tumor that he will never be able to live alone. Patients have even eaten drywall to satisfy this urge. This must be really hard, on him and his family.

6) My plants make me happy. I feel close to God in the garden, like I get to sort of help Him a little bit in His creation. I don’t really, but He lets me feel like it. Kind of like a little child “helping” Mama bake a cake. (The lilac in the foreground under the dogwood tree smells a bit like heaven, too.)

Lilac and Dogwood April 2012

7) I’m so random today that I’ve decided to link up to miscellany monday — on a Tuesday.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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  1. says

    Love the random thoughts, that truly aren’t random but show the great complexity of the fallen world in which we live, but have a chance to love others! Yeah for your new(old) iPad…..the different between short/long hair…and a safe trip home for loved ones…and prayers for those who need healing!

  2. says

    I will pray for your friend. Your plants are beautiful :) The Dominican Republic looks/sounds like a wonderful trip. We call our iMac the Big Mac, too! lol…

  3. says

    That must be an awful struggle for him. Will definitely pray.

    I enjoy all your randomness, Jamie and I think you have feminine enough features to pull of a pixie cut even though I am also partial of long hair!

    What an awesome mission trip that must have been for them.

  4. Alexarrie says

    Hi Jamie…We can’t all wait for the series! I am sure we will enjoy it.. Anyway, thanks for the good news here…

  5. says

    My favourite app for AO is the National Geographic World Atlas. Love it and use it every school day!

    A friend of mine has a daughter with a genetic chronic hunger problem. Attaching combination locks to fridge and cupboards helped.

    • says

      Oh, Jeanne, that app sounds fun! And yes, they’ve done that with him, but it’s to the point he’s even removing door hardward to get into the pantry, etc. He “knows” why this is, but can’t stop himself because of the intense craving — really, just like it would be for a drug addict. Really hard.

  6. says

    Love all the random stuff Jamie. I love your hair short. But I am a huge fan of short hair. I am contemplating chopping mine off.

    Love the Dominican Republic pictures. What an amazing trip I am sure that was.

    Lilac is my FAVORITE plant in the world. I agree they smell like a piece of heaven.

    iPad ROCKS. That is all I can say about it. I L.O.V.E. mine. I wrote a post about some apps I love here. http://homeschoolgirls.net/?p=4033
    One of my favorite apps is “Apps Gone Free” It has an issue a day with free apps. Most are games but I have gotten tons from there. There are also several sites with Free Apps. You are gonna love it!

  7. says

    I totally have your hair dilemma! I too like my hair short or quite long. My hubby wants it long, so I try growing it for him. But it grows.so.slow!!!! I always end up chopping it off again (and usually he wants it long until it gets to the ‘in between’ stage then he says “why don’t you cut your hair?”….duh, I’m trying to grow it for YOU. Anyway, ……) I’m trying to be committed this time to grow it out, and so far, we’ve stuck it out (no thanks to pinterest and their cute short hair pics 😉 We’ll see how it goes, I’m almost shoulder length!!! Only 3 more years to go…..*sigh*

  8. says

    Stopping by from Homeschool Mothers’ Journal… I just love your random thoughts. I have VERY short hair and the trimming is driving me nuts… it’s got to be cut every 3 weeks or I look like I have a mullet, which is NOT a good look for me. (Or, uh, most people.)

    Will pray for that friend of a friend… will also love seeing your series on adoption; I was adopted at birth, and my daughter is “half adopted” – she is all mine, and my husband adopted her when we got married!

  9. Allison Hayes says

    That’s a good idea. I’ll probably write what’s on my mind too. Maybe it can help me lessen the things that keep on bothering my mind.

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