I love that about her {Kathryn is 12}

As of today, I’ve been a mama for twelve years. Kathryn is my youngest child, but she’s my first, and the only one who literally grew beneath my heart.

I love that about her.

Kathryn 3mos old
three months old

My love for Kathryn, our relationship, is what made me want to expand our family. She is a very large reason why we adopted, and from day one she welcomed Lindsey into her heart as if she’s known her all her life, as if I’d given birth to them both.

I love that about her.

Daughters 2012
daughters (March 2012)

Parenting Kathryn challenges me, because she is so much like me. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve said something to correct her and realized that I could be talking to myself. It’s part of the reason we butt heads sometimes, but it’s also why we are so close.

I love that about her.

Jamie and Kathryn - June 2012
with Mama (June 2012)

This girl is deeply empathetic and a natural-born nurturer. She’ll gladly do anything she can to cheer up someone who is down, or take care of someone who isn’t feeling well. Even as a toddler, if I didn’t feel good, she would give me extra hugs and kisses, and bring a blanket to cover me up on the couch, and even give me one of her favorite stuffed animals to snuggle. She is wonderful and patient with small children, and she will be a kind and loving mother someday.

I love that about her.

Kathryn babysitting
babysitting a little friend (2011)

And that laugh.
When she laughs — really laughs — you can’t help but laugh with her. It’s contagious.

I love that about her.

Kathryn Laugh Beach 2012
Laughing (September 2012)

Although there are times we make each other plenty mad, she trusts me, and she talks to me about things on her heart. Hard things, sometimes. I am her mother, but I am her friend, too.

I love that about her.

Kathryn Age 11
my deep-thinking girl

Kathryn is a creative girl. Sewing. Knitting. Crafting. Painting. I haven’t taught her as much as I’d like, but we are learning much of it together.

I love that about her.

Kat Painting - Sept 2012
painting a gift for a neighbor (Sept 2012)

I’m in no hurry for this child of mine to grow up. In fact, I could probably hyperventilate if I thought about it too long. She is growing into a beautiful young lady, even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside.

And I love that about her, too.

Kathryn Beach2012
my girl: beautiful inside and out

I am forever thankful for the gift of being Mama to this precious girl.