Easy ways to improve your mood

Some days it doesn’t take much to get me grumpy. Like I didn’t get enough sleep. Or the dog puked in the closet. Or the kids are bickering, or any number of other things. I bet you could easily name off a few of your own!

Thankfully, it’s just as easy to get in a better mood. These are a few of my favorite easy, cheap/free, and health-friendly ways to get out of that funk.

easy ways to improve your mood

12 easy ways to improve your mood:

1- Spend a few minutes outside, soaking up the sun or listening the rain. This one is an absolute requirement for me EVERY day.

2- Buy a new nail polish in a happy funky color and paint your toes. Bonus: you get a little happy every time you glance at your feet, and with flip-flop season in full swing, that’s every day around here!

happy nail polish

3- Pick the easiest thing on your to-do list: do it, then check it off!

4- Go for a walk.

5- Sip and savor (key word here) a cup of tea — or coffee, if that’s your thing.

6- Hug someone. Not only is it a nice thing to do, it also releases happy chemicals in both the hugger and the huggee.

7- Buy a houseplant. Bonus: they improve air quality in your home, too.

happy houseplant

8- Pet a pet. There’s tons of research on how and why this is good for you, even if it’s not your pet.

9- Plan a trip, dream a little.

10- Laugh. {Try dog shaming pics; they always get me laughing!)

11- Act like a kid. Skip. Bounce on a trampoline (like Ken). My personal favorite: run around the yard with the dog like a fool.

12- Smile! Studies show even forcing yourself to smile improves your mood, so turn that frown upside down!

What’s YOUR favorite way to improve your mood?