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Easy ways to improve your mood

Some days it doesn’t take much to get me grumpy. Like I didn’t get enough sleep. Or the dog puked in the closet. Or the kids are bickering, or any number of other things. I bet you could easily name off a few of your own!

Thankfully, it’s just as easy to get in a better mood. These are a few of my favorite easy, cheap/free, and health-friendly ways to get out of that funk.

easy ways to improve your mood

12 easy ways to improve your mood:

1- Spend a few minutes outside, soaking up the sun or listening the rain. This one is an absolute requirement for me EVERY day.

2- Buy a new nail polish in a happy funky color and paint your toes. Bonus: you get a little happy every time you glance at your feet, and with flip-flop season in full swing, that’s every day around here!

happy nail polish

3- Pick the easiest thing on your to-do list: do it, then check it off!

4- Go for a walk.

5- Sip and savor (key word here) a cup of tea — or coffee, if that’s your thing.

6- Hug someone. Not only is it a nice thing to do, it also releases happy chemicals in both the hugger and the huggee.

7- Buy a houseplant. Bonus: they improve air quality in your home, too.

happy houseplant

8- Pet a pet. There’s tons of research on how and why this is good for you, even if it’s not your pet.

9- Plan a trip, dream a little.

10- Laugh. {Try dog shaming pics; they always get me laughing!)

11- Act like a kid. Skip. Bounce on a trampoline (like Ken). My personal favorite: run around the yard with the dog like a fool.

12- Smile! Studies show even forcing yourself to smile improves your mood, so turn that frown upside down!

What’s YOUR favorite way to improve your mood?

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What a great list and I would agree because I’ve done everyone this past week except #7. Now, if I could only figure out how to keep a house plant alive with our 1 yr. old cat? She does not like plants or our new Betta fish!

Amanda Y.

Thanks for this list ~ these are great! I like to color (that probably fits under #11, Act like a kid)! 🙂 I also like to page through a pretty magazine or re-read a favorite book from childhood.


Great list! A special family remedy that for many years we have found quite effective is a quick do-si-do. Both directions required. Elbows out and knees up high. My kids and I can never do this without breaking into grins. My husband will tell you the whole thing is ridiculous and embarrassing, but we can see the corners of his mouth trying to hold off the smile.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Love your list…I agree with #1 since it always works for me. Music lifts my mood as well.


Love it — so impressed with Ken’s prowess on that trampoline!!! What a fun dad — just watching that video improved my mood!