iPhone Elevator Adventure at 2:1 Conference


I spent last weekend at a conference full of wonderful women who share a few key things in common with me: they are homeschooling moms; they are bloggers; and they love Jesus. I’ll share more about that in another post.

Saturday night, after a long but fun day of conferencing and photoging (newly made up word), I headed to my room to import photos for safe keeping (to have them in at least two places in case of disaster), and as I was stepping onto the elevator, I dropped what I thought at first was a magazine.

But no.
I watched my iPhone disappear between the floor and the elevator, falling to what I was sure was certain smart phone death down the elevator shaft.

I stood dumbfounded, trying to figure out what to do. The timing was awful with being out of town and trying to coordinate getting home from the airport the next day. I went to the front desk, and the employees were very sympathetic. They told me it was probably broken; I said at this point I was just hoping they could find it so I could get my sim card with all my info on it. They explained that the engineering staff was limited in what they could do in opening up the elevator as there were certain things only the fire department was permitted to do. I told them I understood, but asked them to call the room if by some chance they did find it in the basement.

Once in my room, I opened up my laptop, and tweeted:

Immediately my TweetDeck went berzerk with sympathy tweets from my #2to1Conf friends, right in the middle of a live tweet-up party! I think I almost trended on twitter! 😉

A little while later, my hotel room phone rang and the gal at the front desk said someone from engineering was waiting outside my door to talk to me about my phone. I opened the door and he said he found my phone. I expected him to pour the pieces into my hand — but he handed my my intact phone! Even more exciting: it worked!!

I don’t know if a guardian angel cradled that thing on the way down or what, but I have an extra appreciation for my cute polka-dot ifrogz Mix phone case!

My daughters say my phone is famous now. I say ifrogz makes good iPhone cases and the engineering staff at Dulles Hilton is awesome.