Relaxed Homeschooling: Kathryn’s view

Kathryn has been homeschooled since kindergarten, but she has friends and step-siblings who have attended (or still attend) public school — and she’s still 100% on board with homeschool. The biggest pluses for her: A) she gets a big say in what she studies, and B) she can keep on snoozing while the bus carrying neighborhood kids whizzes by the house. 😉

You hear plenty from me, the mom, about homeschooling. But what about if we switch things up today?

Relaxed Homeschooling: 13yo Kathryn's view

I asked Kathryn to give us a view of things from her 13-year-old eyes by taking photos that show what our relaxed homeschool is like from her perspective.

A look at school days through Kathryn’s lens.

{All photos taken by Kathryn; all commentary her own.}

homeschool day collage

  1. hanging out with the dog in the living room while doing math or history
  2. teaching little sis how to knit
  3. doing Choi Kwang Do; yay for that!
  4. working on knitting projects between other stuff
  5. hanging outside with little sister and brother
  6. making fun and cute projects like this and taking pictures of them


If (when!) Kathryn starts blogging, I’ll be sure to share. Until then, visit some of the other iHN bloggers giving a peek of homeschooling through their kids’ eyes: