Celebrating my last year of thirty-something

Today is my 39th birthday.

The photo below was me (at left) the summer I turned 12 years old.
Funny how that seems like yesterday, and yet soooooo very long ago.

Celebrating 39 things

I’m very happy where I am in life. I find plenty of joy in big and little things. It’s easy for me to count my many “thankfuls” (or multitudes, as Ann calls them). I don’t feel over the hill, and those rapidly-multiplying silver hairs don’t bother me. I won’t complain about my age, because I believe each year — and each day — is a blessing. But for whatever reason, 39 feels somehow strange.

I think I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Too many big thoughts are wearing me out, and I can’t exactly take a break from my brain.

So in an attempt to break out of this funk, I’m borrowing my friend Charity’s idea and listing thirty-nine things to celebrate in the coming year {which is actually my 40th year of life, but let’s not get persnickity.} Some things on my list are more lofty than others; some may end up being combined in one — like numbers 3 and 19, for instance.

My 39 randomly listed things to look forward to in the coming year:

1 ~ The tradition of a birthday lunch at my favorite tea room.
{the 10th year I’ve celebrated this way}

2 ~ Witness and celebrate our son’s marriage later this month.

3 ~ Go on a family vacation.

4 – 15
Invite friends over for supper about once every month.
{counting this as 12 things}

16 ~ Bake an apple pie from apples I grew in my own backyard.

17 ~ Get comfy furniture for the back porch.
{so I can sit there with a cup of tea and the birds}

18 ~ [Re-]establish a workout routine.

19 ~ Go to the beach.
{the enormousness of the ocean leaves me in awe of God}

20 ~ Spend a few days in the mountains.
{another place I feel close to God}

21 ~ Go on at least one weekend getaway with Ken.

22 ~ Attend SavvyBlogging, my first blogging conference: far out of my comfort zone, but comfort zones are for sissies {what I keep telling myself}, and I’m looking forward to rooming with Tricia and getting to know her better offline.

23 ~ Learn to play the piano.
{just the basics; no concert plans here}

24 ~ Learn to make bread – from scratch!

25 ~ Pass the Certified Professional Photographer exam.

26 ~ Establish weekly family nights {games, movies, whatever — as long as it’s fun and together}, and include Brandon and Diane as often as possible.

27 ~ Travel somewhere I’ve never been.

28 ~ Go on a mission trip.

29 ~ Get to know my daughter-in-law better
{to the point of calling each other “friend”}

30 ~ Add to our family.
{maybe a child, maybe just a dog!}

31 ~ Keep working on making our yard into as much of an oasis as I can: nurture the fruit trees, expand our fenced area, double the size of our veggie garden next year, and so on…

32 ~ Make curtains for my office/sunroom. I don’t love sewing, but I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment it gives me.

33 ~ Take back up my abandoned needlework projects.
{a better go-to activity than iPhone or iPad}

34 ~ Hire a photographer to take family photos.
{our remote-timer ones are fun, but more limited}

35 ~ Make and hang a large print of my elephant to remind me daily of God’s extravagant love.

36 ~ Prioritize time alone with Ken, whether a “date” or just together at home.

37 ~ Keep talking to (texting) my dad almost every day.

38 ~ Talk to my mom at least once a week — and invite her often for supper.

39 ~ Make sure to spend one-on-one time with each of my kids. The days are flying by, and before I know it, they will be grown.

No matter what age you’ll be this year, perhaps you’ll consider coming up with your own list like mine. If you do, I’d love to read it, so please come back and share a link.