LEGOs are Awesome! {Homeschool Report}

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LEGOS saved my life.

No, not really — but LEGO play has changed the dynamics of our day in a big way. I realized most of the trouble Scout and Jem get into is because they don’t yet know how to entertain themselves, and when they get bored, they get in trouble. So a few weeks ago I bought them each a basic set of LEGO bricks (pink for her, blue for him). I knew they’d enjoy them because they pestered Kathryn all the time wanting to play with hers, but I’m in awe of how much peace LEGOs have brought to our home!


It’s interesting how much their personalities come through in how they play with LEGOs. Jem comes up with his own ideas of what to build with no regard to instructions. When he builds, the blocks are scattered all over his room in what looks to me like disaster — but it works for him. His creations are impressive for a four year old. Then he happily disassembles it so he can build something new.


Scout, on the other hand, likes to organize things. She starts by sorting the bricks into same size/color, then carefully follows directions to build. She seldom ventures into building something without instructions. She told me, “I am SO into that book,” referring to LEGO Friends: Let’s Go Riding from DK Books. She’s been trying to build things she sees in the book, often asking Kathryn (resident LEGO guru) for help in figuring out how.

{A bunk bed she wanted to build, and the resulting project}
Lego Friends

Kathryn enjoys her weekly LEGO mechanics class, but she also likes building with them at home. When DK’s LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History arrived in the mail, she was so excited you’d have thought it was Christmas! 😉

LEGO Minifig Book

Then, on our apple orchard field trip, we met a boy who told us about a LEGO Movie Maker app for making stop-motion movies. As soon as we got home, Kathryn asked if she could download it (it’s free!) and started playing around with making movies with her mini-figs. Also check out this idea for designing your own minifigs!

Minifig Movie Making

Pre-K and 1st grade:

We’ve been reading Is Your Mama a Llama? this week, and both kids love it. Our current chapter book is The Adventures of Reddy Fox (also available FREE on kindle!). Kathryn usually reads this one to them in the afternoon, sometimes while I’m making lunch.

I’m not a big advocate of technology for this age, but I like the Little Writer iPad app to let them practice letters. It’s not too fast-paced. Some apps I’ve tried myself that are suppose to be for kids make my brain hurt with flashing colors and such; I don’t like those and don’t think my kids would benefit from them. But this one is great, and if I take the time, I can even record myself saying the letters! Haven’t done that yet, but I like the idea of it. Jem benefits most from it, since he doesn’t yet know all his letters, but Scout loves it too, and practicing helps her remember which way her letters are suppose to go.

Scout eagerly anticipates her time to do tablework each day. For her, this includes A Reason for Handwriting, Explode the Code (phonics), Do it Carefully (from Rod and Staff), and Singapore Essential Math. We usually do this right after we do our morning board. After I work with her, I let Jem do about three pages in his Rod and Staff workbooks each day.

Creative pursuits with my Middle Schooler:

Usually Kathryn does math while I work with the Scout and Jem at the table, then she’ll also do something related to the anatomy or history lesson we read the day before. During the kidlets’ room time, we’ll do history or anatomy, depending on the day. We haven’t done anything creative with these subjects yet, but we hope to.

Next week my goal is to start art for everyone in the afternoons after lunch. {Still adding things in a bit at a time.} Kathryn, however, is nearly always working on something creative. Her main creative project right now is doll making. She’s using a book written in 1939 for instructions and inspiration.

Doll Book

Our biggest challenge so far with this antique book has been figuring out supplies because things like “stockings” are a bit different these days than they were then. Also, we can’t pick up copper wire at Woolworth’s for 5 cents! It seems we finally have everything we need, and she’s mid-project on her first doll right now. (The African doll chapter provided some discussion on racism and the cluelessness of many people during that time in thinking Africans were “savages.” The book is great other than that.)

She’s immersed in the world of hobbits, reading The Two Towers by Tolkien. I’ve promised her I’d read this series, too, so I’ll know more of what she’s talking about. I don’t read every book she reads but our love of good books is a shared interest and reading some of what she loves is one way to make sure she knows I’m interested in what she’s interested in. Something I believe becomes even more important as kids get older.

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Rebecca C.

Thank you for posting about lego movie maker. My 5 year old is freaking out, he’s so excited!

Katheryn F

I love seeing how people organize their school days. I love the Lego idea and will have to look into that, especially since I have lots of little, busy hands! Thanks for sharing.


Love seeing how you incorporate Legos for busy little people! My struggle is keeping the Legos organized. yikes!


We love LEGOs!!! Stopping by from Weekly Wrap Up


I too try to read some of the books Amber reads so that we can talk about them and I can show my interest in her selections. I just could not do the Tolkien though. I love his stories, when told by someone else. His style of writing hurts my brain. 🙂 Good luck!

Tiffany S

Legos kept my mother sane throughout my childhood! My youngest brother was in love with them. Such a flexibly creative tool. And soooo fun!
PS. Scout’s new haircut is very cute 🙂


My daughter has one set of legos, I think an addition needs to go on the list for Christmas and maybe one for brother too.

Tricia @ Hodgepodge

We have been having a LEGO fest over here too. They open up so much creativity in both boys and girls in all age ranges! We are downloading the app now. Love this Jamie!


Gotta love legos!
And Lego Movie Maker is a fave around here:)
Love watching how the littles have changed the dynamics of your homeschool:) We anticipate big changes as well as we are in the process of fostering to adopt a sibling group from foster care!
Thank you for your blog’s honesty and encouragement!