Life lately: Thanksgiving catch-up

“He who thanks but with the lips Thanks but in part; The full, the true Thanksgiving Comes from the heart.” – J.A. Shedd

Thanksgiving 2011

Photo above is from Thanksgiving Day, 2011.

This time of year gets me sentimental. Growing up, we always had wonderful extended family get-togethers, and even as a teen I realized the specialness of what I had with my grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles. Also, it was sometime around this time of year when Ken proposed, so of course that’s special — even though I don’t remember the date!

But this is also a time of grieving. My Granmama died on Thanksgiving Day, the year after that photo above. The following year my Dad’s illness had progressed and although he fought through a wicked bout of pneumonia, I think that was when we all knew time was getting short. He passed just a few months later.

I’m grateful for all the memories I have, and all the memories I’m still making. Like this Thanksgiving; I love my girls!

me and my girls on Thanksgiving


Did ya’ think I forgot how to blog? Admittedly, it’s been a while!

We had birthdays: Greyson turned ONE YEAR OLD in October, and Khloe just turned TWO.

birthday babies

Greyson had a little Batman-themed party at home. For Khloe’s birthday, we had pizza (the girl LOVES pizza) followed by cupcakes and playtime at the park.

homeschool happenings

I’ll share more about homeschooling in another post since I didn’t even do my usual curriculum post this year, but it’s going okay. The biggest challenge has been all the stops and starts due to hurricanes and holidays, usually just when we were hitting our groove. But you know, life and stuff.

With this being Kathryn’s senior year, she’s working on her own with me mostly just overseeing, and she’s taking a couple of elective classes at the community college. The short version of what I’m doing with Jem: Beautiful Feet BooksAround the World with Picture Books for geography and literature and even some nature study, plus Horizons for math.


what we’ve been reading: our faves

Ohmigosh, we’ve been doing so much reading but I’m going to take a rain check on listing my favorites because today is about getting a blog post out here before the motivation wanes! 😉 One favorite: Beartown by Fredrik Bachman. I was a little wary of reading it because I didn’t know how it could possible hold up to my expectations after my love for A Man Called Ove, but I loved it, too.

See what I’m reading and how I’m liking it: #seejamieread on Instagram.

on the blog {in case you missed ’em}

Wishing you peace and happy memory-making throughout the holidays!