Lindsey’s Mission Trip

Last week, Lindsey was in Dallas, Texas with the youth from our church on a mission trip. Mostly, they worked at Vacation Bible Schools out in inner city communities.  (Side note, I grabbed these photos from a facebook album from the trip.)

The not fun parts: a very long bus ride to and from Texas; daily temperatures around 115 degrees;and some sickness that went through some of the group, including Lindsey.

But, there was plenty of fun, too! They went swimming to cool off one night, had snow-cones another night, and they had one free day when they did several fun things, including dinner at a fun western-themed restaurant where if you come in wearing a tie, they cut off your tie and hang it on a wall! She took Ken’s somewhat tacky Jeep tie for that. 😉tiesIt was more than just fun and silliness, though.

Lindsey told us about on time when she watched her friend Mason sitting on the steps talking to a little boy, and she said she was just crying as she watched them because she said it was so obvious that God was right there as Mason shared his heart and led that boy to Christ.

friendsShe said she grew closer to some people she was already friends with before the trip, and feels like she has deeper, truer friendships with them now. worship during Dallas trip

One evening during worship, Lindsey felt the Lord speak to her loud and clear:

“Trust Me.”

She didn’t tell us about her experience right away; she was afraid we’d be upset because she had said she was already saved. I think she’d been wondering for a while if she really was saved. She knew in a head-knowledge sort of way that God loved her, but it didn’t really go much deeper than that. She has struggled with why God let all those difficult things happen in her life.

I have been praying for her, as I do for all my children, but during this trip, I was specifically praying that she would know God in a more real, personal way — that He would draw her closer to Himself. Lindsey’s happy news is a direct answer to prayer.

She said after she’d talked to friends and one of the youth pastors, she picked up her Bible and re-read some verses she’s read many times before, but suddenly they didn’t just seem like words; they really spoke to her.

The journey of true faith is lifelong, and of course Lindsey has a long way to go, but this news has made my heart happy.