A few of these “big dreams” of mine

So I keep on talking about all this dreaming I’m doing, but I’ve been vague about what exactly these dreams are. That’s been purposeful: I’ve found the scariest part of dreaming big is telling people what you’re dreaming of — because once it’s out there, it’s exposed and vulnerable.

For someone like me who struggles not to squash my own dreams before they even have a chance to sprout, I need to keep them protected to grow a bit before exposing them to the light of day. I suppose it’s like keeping baby plants in a greenhouse until they’re strong enough to be transplanted to the great outdoors. I’ve talked more about this here and here.

dream big

Little by little I’ve been sharing my dreams with those close to me. The bigger the dream, the closer I like to keep it to myself. But I’ve found myself inspired by the dreams of others — even if the specifics are nothing like my own — so today I’m sharing some of my biggest dreams. Most are interconnected, some are bigger than others, but each has a number of smaller sub-goals that would make this list longer than you’d want to read!

1- live in a little cottage near the sea

This involves downsizing significantly, which runs alongside my goals of minimizing our “stuff” and simplifying in general. It also involves uprooting our entire lives and jumping into a brand new everything. After living my entire life in the same town, this idea is terrifyingly exciting. We’re not talking about waiting til the kids are grown; we’ll chase this dream with kids in tow but our time-frame is undetermined at this point.

2- be a fun place our kids & grandkids want to visit

Tiny cottage or not, we have big dreams of being a place our kids and their kids want to visit often. We want to be fun grandparents! I’ve mentioned friends whose kids do “cousin camp” every summer at the grandparents’ house, and everyone looks forward to it. That’s what I want.

3- achieve specific fitness goals

Only recently have I even thought to set fitness goals, and I’m chasing them hard, but not all at once. Once I achieve these, I’ll add more but right now I’m still overcoming wimp mentality from a lifetime of being the littlest/weakest in all school phys-ed type activities. (Clearly, P.E. class was orchestrated by Satan.)

Currently these goals are:

  • Run (not run/walk) a 5K, and complete a 10K (some walking allowed).
  • Do freestanding handstands; I want to be able to kick up into a solid handstand anywhere, any time.
  • Do pull-up/chin-ups. (Did my first chin-up last week!!! So now I’m working on better form, and on doing pull-ups, too.)

4- live an active, outdoor lifestyle

family bikes

Family bicycle rides, daily strolls with the dogs, kayaking, beach-combing; maybe I’ll even learn to play golf. These are the kinds of things I want to spend time doing with my family.

5- make art

Making some sort of art is a non-negotiable because it’s one of the ways I stay sane. Specifically, I’d like to learn to paint, and eventually I’d like to make art to share/sell alongside Kathryn in an online store. {She already has an etsy shop!}

6- be self-employed (both me and Ken)

Much of this particular umbrella goal stems around the necessity of flexible schedules to make our other dreams possible.

I’m thinking I’d like to have a small “boutique-style” gym catering specifically but not exclusively to women from 20-something to seniors, offering personal training, small group training, and a few fitness classes (like yoga). I want to offer nutrition coaching and maybe partner with other like-minded folks to offer additional health-related services, like chiropractic. This is very much inspired by the mentor I’m training with, and she knows I hope to emulate the basics of her business model someday after we move to that little beach town.

As for Ken, he’d like his photography to become his main gig. And he’d take on some of the actual homeschooling. Because, y’all, while homeschooling is a fulfilling calling, some days I want to curl up in a corner somewhere at the thought of a dozen more years ahead of me. #keepinitreal

7- be regularly involved in a local ministry

One of the first things I researched in the area where we hope to move is the availability of ministry opportunities because I consider that a requirement. I won’t stop supporting organizations like Compassion and Fair Trade Friday, but I want to work with local organizations as well.

8- meet our Compassion children in Kenya

After exchanging letters with her for several years now, knowing she prayed for my dad during his illness, and hearing about her life (and the family cow!), I’d love to meet Lucy. We haven’t had as much communication with Josphat, a younger boy we sponsor, but we’d still love to meet him. This might be the least likely of my list to actually happen, but it’s still in the realm of possible — and after all, that’s why we call it a big dream, right?

. . . . . .

There! I’ve exposed my soul and let you in on some of the big dreams I’m chasing. Are you inspired? Do you think I’m nuts? Somewhere in-between? Are YOU chasing any dreams right now?