What I’m loving right now

A few things adding a little extra happy to my life lately:

1. Yoga with Adriene
Right now I’m doing Yoga Camp, which is FREE and perfect for incorporating into my fitness routine, along with running and weight training. Adriene is a wonderful teacher with a sense of humor, and this yoga is gentle and fantastic for stretching and for breath work, which is a big help for everything else I’m doing.

2. Sunshine
Hello, 70+ degrees and sunny. {happy sigh} I’m totally solar powered and this weather has been seriously happy-making. As a bonus, the more the kids can play outside, the more this sound-sensitive introvert mama stays sane.

72 and sunny

3. Lara bars
No yucky ingredients, and they’re yummy. My current fave is cookie dough, or maybe the cherry pie. They make a higher protein version as well, but I haven’t tried those yet. Lara bars are available on amazon, but I’ve picked them up at Target and Walmart, too.

4. Kindle unlimited
I’ve been surprised at how many good books I’ve found in the kindle unlimited library. (As with any library, there are of course some duds, too.) Originally, I planned to cancel my membership after the free trial but $10/month for so many books is just too good to pass up right now.

5. Spring flowers
I always love springtime for the color show nature puts on, but it’s extra fun in our new town, and specifically our new yard since we’ve never seen any of it in spring before; every bloom is a happy little surprise!

front yard daffodils

6. Wireless headphones
Workouts are better with music so I wanted wireless headphones to jam out without worrying about distracting anyone else in the house. After reading way too many online reviews, I decided on these MPOW Cheetah headphones; I’ve had them several months now and they work great. I’ve also recently started using them on my runs and they don’t bounce around. Best of all, they were much less expensive than many others I considered.

7. Running
What? Did I just say that? Those articles I’ve read about running being a mental challenge were right; sometimes I hate it while I’m doing it but that’s because I start letting my brain tell my body it can’t do it. But when I’m done, I feel so proud of my lungs and legs and the rest of me, and I’m so thankful this body can DO that!