Loving them like your own

One of the blogs I read, Another McCoy, is written by a mom pursuing adoption through the foster care system. Right now Erin and her husband are caring for two little girls; it’s so beautiful to read about how they feel called to the girls’ mother as well, and they pray for her (with the girls) every day. I was touched by these words she shared recently:

I pray that God gives me the ability to fully love them as if they were my own, but at the same time (since this is foster and not adopt) I need to remember that they aren’t. It’s weird since I’ve sorta spent the last year advocating adoption and trying to share with people that once adopted the child is YOUR child… forever… just as if they had been born from your womb. In adoption, there is no “loving them like your own” it is “loving them because they are your own”… but here we are in foster care… and it is “love them LIKE our own.”

I so appreciate the distinction she makes here. Lindsey is our own child now, and we love her as such. But fostering takes another kind of love.

We have friends who foster as well. I admire them, and all the other foster parents out there. Yes, there are less-than-perfect foster parents. But the vast majority are amazing, selfless people, giving of themselves and putting their hearts into loving a child that will most likely be with them for only a short time. And while those children are there, they must love them like their own.

If you personally know anyone who is a foster parent, (or if you read any blogs like Erin’s!) please give them an encouraging word and let them know you appreciate the sacrifice they are making as they love those precious children.