Low key Christmas + thoughtful gift ideas

This is our first Christmas in our new town. I’m decorating the new house slowly and simply, not stressing about it. We’re keeping gifts low-key, too. Each of the kids will get one “big” gift (which isn’t really that big), plus a few little things. Ken and I don’t buy presents for each other, and we keep gift exchanging with extended family to a minimum.


We’ll do some fun things together this season — the key word being together. We’ll go look at lights, make homemade Christmas cookies, attend a few festive events… I want the memory-making to be more about family and less about what anyone got for Christmas.

We enjoyed the annual Christmas parade here on the island last weekend; a small-town day of fun featuring everything from dogs in costume, to firetrucks, to Miss Azalea on a float, to boats on trailers filled with inflatable palm trees, to bedecked golf carts.

Christmas parade

Need fresh perspective?

I’m on the launch team for a new book by Kristen Welch called Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World. It’s so, so good, and so, so humbling. I’m not done with it yet, but I’m already highly recommending it for anyone wanting to parent against the current of our culture. Prepare yourself, though, to be a bit bruised as you start recognizing your own entitlement in the process.

**If you pre-order the book before January 25th, you get a special Global Family Kit free with your order. More details here. This would be a great way to kick off the new year with a bit of fresh perspective.

If you still need gift ideas, I’m sharing some I’ve posted in previous years. These lists have thoughtful ideas that don’t get carried away with materialism.

Last-minute gifts for the ladies in your life:

last-minute gift ideas for her

Low-cost Neighbor Gift ideas:

Christmas Gifts for Neighbors

Gifts that give back:

I’m a big fan of shopping Compassion’s gift catalog.
Also check out these fantastic fair trade gift ideas!

No matter what your holiday plans, enjoy the season, friends, and don’t let the shoulds (should do, should make, should buy) steal your joy.