Lucky Clover

I have an odd talent for finding four-leaf clovers.

Just this week, I’ve found seven, and I wasn’t even really looking.

4-leaf clover

My mom is the same way. We also have a knack for finding typos in books and such, and I think the four-leaf clover thing is somehow related; to my eye, the anomaly of the four-leaf clover among a patch of three-leaf clovers just jumps out. I find them even as I’m walking along. It’s probably also related to my spazzing out when things are cluttered; things out of place make me kinda crazy.

One day when I was sixteen, I found two four-leaf clovers, and later that day I wrecked my car. After that I decided one four-leaf clover must be lucky, but two must cancel each other out — so for years I would purposely NOT look anymore after finding one, just to make sure I didn’t find another!

I’m over that. Luck isn’t really a thing; it’s merely coincidence. Four-leaf clovers are fun to find because they are different. They stand out from the rest of the crowd. Technically, these are an anomaly. They’re abnormal. But this is why they’re considered special: because they are different.

We’re often so worried about being different — but maybe we should think of it as special.

Like a four-leaf clover.