Magazine Cover and Featured Story!

Yesterday Lacy the WonderDog went extra-crazy when the UPS truck came, which usually means I have a package. I wasn’t expecting anything, so I had no idea what it could be, unless it was Ken ordering some new camera gadget. (Not an uncommon occurrence around here.)

I was excited to find that it was the spring edition of Bethany Adoption Services “Lifelines” magazine, with Lindsey on the cover! Even cooler: Ken shot the photo, which is very cool for us as photographers (our first magazine cover!). Lindsey is really excited about it, too; after all, being on a magazine cover is a dream come true for many sixteen-year-old girls!


Our story (a slightly tweaked version of the one on my blog) is featured on a two-page spread. They were kind enough to send extra copies so we can share with family and friends.


After our story appeared in the regional magazine, we were contacted and asked if they could run our story in the national publication. (Of course!) Later, they said they’d chosen to run our story as the cover story. (Woohoo!) And then they asked if we’d like to shoot the cover shot since we’re photographers. (Okay!)

Even more exciting than all of that other stuff is that we’ve been blessed with yet another avenue to share our story, and we hope it may encourage others to at least consider adopting an older child.