Magazine Cover and Featured Story!

Yesterday Lacy the WonderDog went extra-crazy when the UPS truck came, which usually means I have a package. I wasn’t expecting anything, so I had no idea what it could be, unless it was Ken ordering some new camera gadget. (Not an uncommon occurrence around here.)

I was excited to find that it was the spring edition of Bethany Adoption Services “Lifelines” magazine, with Lindsey on the cover! Even cooler: Ken shot the photo, which is very cool for us as photographers (our first magazine cover!). Lindsey is really excited about it, too; after all, being on a magazine cover is a dream come true for many sixteen-year-old girls!


Our story (a slightly tweaked version of the one on my blog) is featured on a two-page spread. They were kind enough to send extra copies so we can share with family and friends.


After our story appeared in the regional magazine, we were contacted and asked if they could run our story in the national publication. (Of course!) Later, they said they’d chosen to run our story as the cover story. (Woohoo!) And then they asked if we’d like to shoot the cover shot since we’re photographers. (Okay!)

Even more exciting than all of that other stuff is that we’ve been blessed with yet another avenue to share our story, and we hope it may encourage others to at least consider adopting an older child.

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Sheila Gregoire

Jamie, congratulations! That is just so neat. You must have been so excited! I’ve always felt called to adopt older children, but I’m hesitating because my speaking schedule takes me away so much, and this is going to sound terrible, but it’s hard leaving kids alone with my husband because of all the possible allegations today. I just feel like that would put him in a difficult position, since we’d start off fostering. I’m still praying, because I do want to do it, but I’ve had male friends who have had false accusations against them, and it’s really hard to… Read more »


That’s awesome! The photos are wonderfully done too. I suppose it is easier with such a lovely subject.


How awesome for your entire family! I know this is really going to touch lives. And tell your husband (and Lindsey) that the photos are gorgeous!


Now that is so cool! How awesome!

Angela @ Homegrown Mom

Beautiful! What an honor, and a blessing 🙂

Susan S

So beautiful!

How incredibly exciting!! You must be over the moon today. Congratulations to your family!

And, thank you for being such a blessing and encouragement to families considering or in the process of adopting. I love watching how God is using your family.

Tina Savasuk

That is so awesome! I still continue to be inspired by your wonderful family and can’t WAIT to see what God has for you guys next.


Wow! Your daughter is gorgeous and what a beautiful way to promote the blessing of adoption. Keep up the good work 🙂


How cool!! How exciting for your whole family, and the photos are amazing of your beautiful girl!

Tricia @Hodgepodge

What an absolute thrill! The Lord is continuing to use you and your family in amazing ways! Congrats to you all – story, cover girl, cover photography, regional, national – woo hoo!

Sharon @ Hiking Toward Home

How exciting for you!! Very happy for your family. and as a Photographer… way cool!!




Congratulations! How awesome!


That’s so cool! I have really enjoyed reading all your adoption posts, and look forward to reading about whatever is next for your family.


Oh my word! That is just incredible, Jamie! It’s a lovely cover…and it is simply amazing at how God is using you and your family!


Very cool 🙂


This is just SO COOL that I tweeted it! Jamie, Lindsey and family, this is awesome. Everyone should see and know that adoption, no matter at what age, is a blessing. Love, love, love it! And Lindsey is so pretty, she deserves a magazine cover!

Charlotte Mason in the City

Fantastic – love this happy posting!


So excited for you & Lindsey!…and the photographer! Lindsey looks beautiful!

Sharing in your thrill 🙂


Congratulation to you all for being brave enough to share your story and yourselves so publicly. As I read this post I could hear the voice inside me saying that I need to pursue this more. I keep bringing it up to my husband and I am confident that at some point God will see to it that our family grows a bit bigger…

Kimberley Byrd

How wonderful that your family was able to share her story with others and encourage them to adopt. I pray it blesses other so much that they pursue the road to adopt also:)


Yeah! So happy and I hope that it will prompt more families to adopt teens like ours. They’re such a blessing!


Congratulations on all counts–how exciting! 🙂 ~K

D. M.

How Wonderful! How exciting for Lindsey! Also, so great to hear about the new adventure you and your family find yourselves in again: adoption! (((Hope to get to see pictures of your husband and daughter’s recent mission trip. Bet they had a blessing of a time.))) The reason I was drawn to your blog, long ago, and I even think I found it on the homeschoolblogger …. was the link word “adoption”. It’s been on mine and my husband’s heart for sometime now to adopt, a great time now, but until clarity comes from HIM~ is when we will start… Read more »


That’s amazing! What a wonderful way to share your story and God’s faithfulness!!



Thanks for being willing to share so much of your journey. I’ve read through your journey of adoption throughout your blog–through the magazine it will now reach even more people.

WOW ~ what a wonderful story! I love to see how God has used it again…and again…and again 😀


Just last week the Lord brought your mention of this article to my mind …I contacted Bethany and had them send me the magazine. It arrived today and I am so blessed to hold your story in my hand and read it in print! It has spoken volumes to me — it was meant to arrive in my hands today. Thank you.


I JUST read that magazine! We are in the middle of foster to adoption and Bethany’s publications are so near our hearts. How amazing that this was your family – the same one that I was quoting to my husband and commenting that we were on the right path!

I had no idea that the woman I follow on Twitter was the same family in the magazine!

I’ve been praying and looking to see if we are on the path He has chosen for us – I do believe you were the answer to my prayer!


so cool! 🙂

Delana Stewart

That is really neat! I’m sure all of you are so excited right now! Blessings!