Marriage Posts from Around the Web

I love my husband! But life is, well… life, and it’s great to have a few reminders of how and why to keep things fresh in our marriage. I know I’m not alone in this, so I’ve collected a few great links from around the web to share with you!

Denise in Bloom reminds us that the little things are sometimes bigger than we think. “Being intentional with our words is the secret to our marriage staying healthy and vibrant.” Read more here: Have You Told Him Lately That You Love Him?

We often think that just because we’re thinking about something often, that we’re prioritizing it. But Sheila Gregoire says, “If you look at the time and energy you really devote to your marriage, is it a priority? If you always fall into bed exhausted, because everyone gets your time and effort except your husband, then there may be a problem.” Read the rest of her post, Prioritize Your Marriage.

In The Power of a Great First Response in Marriage, Gary suggests, “If it seems like your attempts to connect with your spouse or vice versa are usually pretty rocky, take a shot at a better first response. It can make all the difference in the world.”

There are so many great ideas to be had on Pinterest. Like this idea in the photos at left, which could be for Valentine’s, or any ol’ day of the year! Just make some cute little hearts, and hide them where he’ll find them throughout the day(s); maybe include a note with the first heart to tell him these hearts are a tangible reminder of how much you love him. The original idea was for the creator’s father, but could be wonderful for a child, or of course for your husband!