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Running for Mercy!

Since childhood, the only times in my life I’ve ever run were forced by my coach for that one stinkin’ required physical education credit during my senior year of high school. I hated it, and felt greatly vindicated when I managed to get out of it due to a doctor’s note for shin splints and then a sprained ankle.

So clearly, running has never been my thing. Even when I finally got into fitness. But sometimes I like to challenge myself to do things I thought I’d never do. Running a 10k lands squarely on that list.

Before we moved to our new town, I saw info about a road race here on the island and thought it would be a great first race. After all, how much better does it get than a course on mostly flat roads with views of the ocean and salt marshes, culminating at the island’s lighthouse!? I didn’t commit right away, but then I heard about the Miles for Mercy Program for one of my favorite ministries.

So I’ve signed up for my first 10k!

Some days I take take “hyper Piper” along as my training buddy.
running buddy Piper

In case you’re not familiar with it, Mercy House began in 2010 as a maternity home rescuing abused, pregnant, teen girls in Kenya. Through the Fair Trade Friday club, Mercy House has grown into a global ministry, helping provide jobs for over 1500 women in 20 different countries.

Running & fundraising goals

Even if I end up doing more walking than running in this race, my goal is simply to DO it. I’m far more fit this year than I was last year (yay, strength training!), but this is still a pretty big challenge, considering weather and my asthma/allergies.

Running comes with a big learning curve for this newbie, so my training plan currently consists of two days of strength training each week, plus at least two days of walk/running each week. I’d like to add in some yoga as well. {Coach Pendergrass would be so proud!}

My fundraising page is here: Miles for Mercy Lighthouse Run; please share or donate as you see fit! I’m covering the cost of my own registration fee so every dollar on that fundraising page will go to MercyHouse! My goal is $420, which might be a bit ambitious, but I like the idea of $10 x my age of 42. 😉

Miles for Mercy Lighthouse Run

I’m asking for your support in three ways:

  • I’d appreciate prayers that I’d stay healthy enough to train and to run the race, and that I’ll reach my fundraising goal. Also, please pray for everyone involved in the ministry of Mercy House, especially those young mamas.
  • Please share this post and/or the link to my fundraising page, especially if you are (or become!) a supporter of the Mercy House ministry!
  • If you, too, have a heart for empowering impoverished women so they can support their children, please make a donation!

Thanks so much for choosing to support me in any of these ways! It’s great encouragement on those days I don’t feel like running!

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