Merry Christmas {+ Top Posts of 2013}

I wanted to take just a moment to wish you a joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year, and to say THANK YOU for reading. Time is precious, and I appreciate the fact that you choose to give me some of your valuable time by reading here; it’s not something I take lightly.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Doing a bit of holiday blog-reading? Here are my top posts from 2013, in case you missed them:

Most-read 2013 posts:

  1. More Recommended Reading
    Every now and then, I post (with Kathryn’s help) about some of our most favorite recent reads. We’re a couple of book addicts with no intention of quitting the book-reading habit!
  2. Top 3 Challenges in our Imperfect Homeschool
    It’s not all fun and games in a homeschool family, and whenever possible, I like to keep it real. This is one of those posts.
  3. Do Homeschooled Kids Hate Their Moms?
    Tough question! Most folks can think of a teacher they disliked; if mom is the teacher for every subject in every grade, wouldn’t that happen at home, too?
  4. 9 Reasons to Pack a Shoebox
    This was a very recent post, but thanks to shares from Operation Christmas Child on their facebook page, plus subsequent re-shares from Women of Faith, etc, this post ended up number 4 for the year! Blew my mind! Get thinking about your OCC shoeboxes for next year!
  5. Foster Adoption is Exhausting
    Another post in the keeping-it-real department, posted in the early days after Scout and Jem moved in! You can read more of our story and our struggles in these posts.

What to expect from See Jamie Blog in 2014:

As always, I want your time here (and mine!) to be worthwhile.

Of course I’ll be writing on homeschooling, including occasional curriculum reviews and posts about what (and how) we’ve been learning. I’ll share about post-adoption parenting, too, sometimes tackling tough topics like attachment. Other times I’ll share homemaking projects or random fun. No matter what I plan to write, I always keep my schedule open enough for other things because more than any particular topic, this blog is about whatever is most on my heart and mind.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope to see you here in the new year! It’s easy to follow along with See Jamie blog: you can get new posts sent to your email inbox — or if you prefer, use a feed reader. (My fave is feedly.)