6.2 Miles for Mercy, Island Style!

Last Saturday, I did it: my first 10k!


Yes, I ran in island-inspired attire. This event included a 5k, a 10k, a half-marathon, and the fun run, all followed by a beach bash with concerts and more. Seeing all those costumes on the race course was hilarious, and running in a grass skirt felt pretty hilarious, too! I even got 3rd place in the costume contest for my race.

parrot hat

The weather turned out fabulous: only 50 degrees at the time of the race, but sunny and much warmer than my first 5k in 28 degrees earlier this year! My official time was 1:22, which was better than my goal time, even though it’s still pretty much turtle pace. Go, me!

Meanwhile, Ken did a one-mile fun run with the kids: their first race! And yes, he really did run in that crazy parrot hat; I think he was the most photographed person at the event.

pirate kids

Once again I want to thank my race sponsors, who pushed me over my fundraising goal of $420 for the girls of Mercy House Kenya! Not only was this a day of crazy fun and accomplishment, it was awesome knowing it helped support those girls and their babies.

Mercy House mother and baby

In addition to rescuing pregnant teens and providing housing and medical care for them, The Mercy House makes a difference in the girls’ long-term lives and in the community around them by:

  • enabling the girls to finish school and learn skills to support themselves
  • enabling the girls to pay to send their own kids to school to help break the cycle of poverty
  • drilling a well for the village so everyone has easier access to clean water
  • a new program working with impoverished mothers in the community

Fair Trade Friday artists

I have been a financial supporter of The Mercy House for some time now but I’ve recently upped my contributions and I have become even more enthusiastic about this ministry as I see just how much hope it offers.

There are several wonderful ways you can help, too!

If you want to participate in something that makes a REAL DIFFERENCE in the world, this is one of those things — and it couldn’t be easier.

**photos of mother & child, and FTF artists used with permission by Kristen.