Life lately: February highlights

Welcome to my wrap-up for the month of February, featuring some of my favorite reads online and off, plus highlights from family life and homeschooling.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
~Mae West

my 1st 5k

Earlier this month, I spontaneously signed up and ran in my first-ever 5k race! It was only 28 degrees that morning and I was s-l-o-w, but I did it, and then signed up for the other three races in the series this spring and summer. I’ve also got a 10k race scheduled in April, and I’m trying to decide if I can realistically train for a half marathon this fall!

Good reading


Nope, still haven’t re-tackled Jane Austen, but I will, y’all!

around the web:

on the blog:

And a flashback to three years ago this week, when I got this call from a 5-year-old girl asking me if we’d be the new family for her and her little brother.

Happenings at home


Audio books are a new thing we’ve started at lunchtime. Despite my best intentions, I just don’t read aloud often lately, and even when I do, I have a limited time before my voice gives out. The kids are currently loving The Magic Treehouse series.

I’ve been focusing primarily on math with Scout and reading with Jem. They are both doing well and proving to me that waiting til a child is ready is so much more effective than pushing a concept too soon. Scout is doing well with Saxon Math 3, and I like it much better now that I’ve loosened up than I did back when I was new to homeschooling (10 years ago!) and felt like I had to follow curriculum more strictly.

Kathryn is enjoying Visual Latin, and now lists it right up there with science as her favorite subjects. She and I are both trying to prioritize creative pursuits, too.

life at home

We had two birthdays in February: Jem turned SEVEN and our Daisy the WonderDog is now 9 years old (and queen of the stink eye). Because we’re spending some time lately in the allergist office — mostly for Kathryn, but also for me — we find ways to entertain ourselves: math flash cards on my phone, reading books, taking silly selfies…

Ken went running with me last weekend and while the company was fun and I enjoyed his rendition of the Chariots of Fire theme song as we neared our driveway, running with him also made me remember how much asthma slows me down. My lungs and I are getting stronger — it’s just taking longer than I’d like. But even though it’s far from easy, I’m finding I enjoy running because of the quiet thinking time it gives me.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!
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