Life lately: January highlights

“The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.”
– Thomas Moore

hot chocolate

I try (but often fail) to remember how little it takes to do something special. Like surprising the kids with hot chocolate in “fancy” teacups after playing outside on a chilly day, and earning big smiles for the tiny bit of effort it took.

This year, instead of entirely doing away with my week-end posts, which many of you have told me you enjoy, I’ve decided to do month-end posts. Still all the goodness of those weekly posts, but in a slightly different format. I hope you’ll enjoy!

good reading: book + links

books I’ve enjoyed this month:

Those last two are books I’ve read with my free trial of kindle unlimited, which I’m really enjoying so far. Also, did you know Amazon has a kindle trade-in program? I sent in my old one for a new paperwhite. The process was super-easy and I got almost $45 toward the new one. Plus, I don’t feel like I wasted the old one. Win-win!

Bibliophile confession: I tried yet again to read Jane Austen, and just could not get through it. This time it was Emma. I think, before I give up entirely, I’ll give Pride and Prejudice a try. Are you an Austen fan?

around the web:

here on the blog:

happenings at home

Ken started a new photo-a-day project for the new year. With photos like these, I don’t think I’m being biased when I tell you it’s worth following:

Ken's photo project

Finally, finally, we are back to some semblance of a normal homeschool routine after all the chaos of moving followed by the holidays. I am keeping things super simple, focusing on the basics for the younger kids, and working with them one at a time. Kathryn works independently with me simply overseeing her work and being available to help.

homeschool january

Whenever possible, we get outside. Once upon a time, I loved cold weather but now I prefer days warm enough to get out and DO things. Ride bikes, go on walks, let the kids bounce on the trampoline, etc. One of the biggest goals I had when moving here is that our daily lives would be more active and outdoor focused.

walk with dogs and kids

After far too much thought on the subject, I swapped our big dining hutch for a new smaller one and consolidated all our homeschool stuff into it. Much better! Bonus: the fun couple we bought it from, owners of a little shop crammed full of fun finds and appropriately called Hoarders. I’m taking decorating slowly in the new house, waiting til I figure out what feels right. Just this week, that meant moving things around in the bedroom to figure out how to give myself an introvert corner so I have a mini getaway when all the humans I love are driving me batty.

new introvert corner

On the fitness front, I’m doing pretty well with a routine, too. I schedule workouts on my calendar to make them a priority, and I’ve got some new challenges planned for myself, including taking up running in addition to my current strength training.

How has this year started off for you? I’d love to hear about it!