Life lately: May edition

“It’s not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

holding hands at the finish line

Ken and I ran a 5k last weekend — our first race together! We don’t often get to run together but it’s fun when we do. This was the second 5k in a four-race series I’m doing this year; we may work it out for him to do one more of those with me this fall.

Oh, and then I got all crazy after a couple more good runs this week and signed up for a half marathon in November. Yikes!

Good reading


  • Out of Sorts – by Sarah Bessey :: If you’ve ever, ever had big questions about faith, or wrestled with the church as a whole or the people in it, this is for you. It’s the most profoundly good books I’ve read in a very long time.
  • While the World is Still Asleep – by Petra Durst-Benning :: Somewhat predictable characters but an enjoyable read. Hard to imagine a time when women riding bicycles was a scandalous thing; I’d never before considered early cyclists having to fight for women’s rights.
  • Greyhound – by Steffan Piper :: Maybe because of the kids we’re raising, I’m fascinated by stories of kids who turn out okay despite neglectful parenting. Fascinating characters in this one. Also, I’m never crossing the country by bus.

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Happenings at home

mother's day kayaking with the family

I don’t care about gifts or cards or breakfast in bed, but I requested to go kayaking on Mother’s Day. The weather was perfect, we got to see birds like herons and ibis and cormorants up close, and the inaugural run of our new-to-us (used) kayaks went well. Yes, there were grumpy-kid moments and I may have cried in the process of figuring out how to safely secure three kayaks to the top of the Volvo, but it was a good, good day. {Keeping it real, my friends!}

In a fun twist, we were actually vacationing here last year on Mother’s Day. I’m still giddy we get to live here, and I’m trying never to lose that sense of appreciation.

May collage

Sea turtle nesting season has begun and I’m signed up as a nest parent apprentice. After I do it three years, I can be an official nest parent. I am so ridiculously excited; watching a nest “boil” is on my lifetime wish list! Kathryn will be doing this with me, although she can’t officially apprentice until she’s 18.

We’re essentially done with our homeschool year, and I must say I’m entirely ready for it. This weekend Brandon and Diane and our grandbaby Carter are coming for a visit and we are all SO looking forward to spending time with them!

Stay safe this Memorial Day weekend!