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More December Gifts { 1157 – 1167 }

Once again… counting gifts.

Multitudes on Monday

1157 – The smell of pumpkin muffins in the oven.

1158 – How much Kathryn enjoys creative pursuits – like loom-knitting hats!

1159 – Getting classes Kathryn is excited about for next semester’s enrichment classes.

1160 – Chatting and catching up with my cousin Jonnia while waiting at the long registration for classes.

1161 – Being nearly done with Christmas shopping – and staying within our budget.


1162 – Not-too-difficult crossword puzzles.

1163 – Selling my treadmill, and getting to catch up with an old friend in the process.

1164 – An ice pack when I hurt a muscle in my back.

1165 – An early Christmas present from my mom, something I’ve wanted for probably a decade: a KitchenAid stand mixer — and in my super-favorite color!

KitchenAid Mixer

1166 – A safe trip for Lindsey and the rest of the NROTC drill team for last weekend’s competition.

1167 – Knowing I can be completely honest with my husband, and he’ll still love me.

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A stand mixer! Oh, that’s so exciting. I remember when my mom got hers. I was pretty happy and it wasn’t even mine! 🙂 And yours is such a pretty color, too!

What a lovely list. It’s wonderful to see how God is blessing you and your family. And aren’t husbands awesome like that? 🙂


I love the colour of the mixer! It’s great that you were able to stay on budget with your Christmas shopping.


Oh no! You hurt your back too?! I messed up mine and have become close friends to the heating pad! So happy to read your daughter enjoys the loom – I have two hats on two looms to finish. It is so relaxing and one day, I hope to try something new, like a scarf 🙂 I too dream about a mixer…planted a seed in my mother’s ear this morning! Thank you for sharing your list!

Ashley H.

Oh, I want one of those too! Love the picture of your presents piled under the tree. 🙂


Congrats on your nearly-complete Christmas shopping — and staying within budget, to boot! I still need to wrap what I’ve got AND get a few more things. I mixed up some pumpkin muffin batter tonight to bake tomorrow morning; our morenings go more smoothly if I do a few things the night before.

And a big YAY for the stand mixer! I’ve had my eye on a red one for a few years now. But my kitchen is quite small and counter space at such a premium, I don’t know it I have room!