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More Multitudes { 1200 – 1212 }

Gifts for 1/16/12(MadLibbing; paper doll version of me; Wii dancing)

1201 – A new friendship.

1202 – Nights I don’t have to cook — or plan the meal!

1203 – Getting to know Lindsey’s boyfriend better.

1204 – A delightful new oolong tea I’ve been drinking.

1205 – When Kathryn asks me to read to her.

1206 – Learning to dream big.

1207 – Recent boudoir sessions with women who want to bless their husband’s socks off.

1208 – Continuing my battle with clutter.

1209 – Repurposing items I already have.

1210 – A friend to brainstorm with.

1211 – MadLibs.

1212 – Old-fashioned fun with paper dolls.

Multitudes on Monday

Are you counting your multitudes yet?

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Love the photos…those are all things we enjoy here too:)
Especially wii dance party!!


I love all of this! Creative, fun-loving family…new things…learning. (And ooh, I wish I lived close enough to do one of your boudoir sessions!!!!)