More Recommended Reading

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Books we recommend:

Every now and then, I like to post specifically about some of the books we’ve been enjoying recently, so this is our latest installment of book recommendations. Big thanks to 12-year-old Kathryn for her input!

Black Star, Bright Dawn – Scott O’Dell

A young girl leads a sled-dog team in the Iditarod. Inspiring and adventure-filled story both boys and girls would enjoy. Great living book for Alaskan history and Eskimo culture. I read this one and enjoyed as much as Kathryn did — but I’ve always has a special place in my heart for dog books!

The Amethyst Ring – Scott O’Dell

Historical fiction series based on the Mayan Empire and the Spanish Conquest. Apparently this is the last in a trilogy, but Kathryn enjoyed it on it’s own. Now she’s eager to find the other two at our local library.

The Winter Pony – Iain Lawrence

Imaginatively told from the first-person point of view of James Pigg, a real horse who was part of an equine team on Robert Falcon Scott’s expedition to the South Pole in 1910. Adventure-packed and full of history. (FYI to horse-lovers: not a happy ending.)

One Eye Laughing, The Other Weeping – Barry Denenberg

Part of the historical fiction “Dear America” series Kathryn loves. This story follows a young Jewish girl in Vienna as her family endures the country’s Nazi invasion, and eventually sends her to live with an aunt in New York.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Barry Denenberg

Another in the “Dear America” series of fictional diaries, this story is about a girl who becomes blind in a terrible accident and learns how to cope with her new life in a school for the blind. Written as if dictated by the girl to her twin sister. Set in the 1930’s.

Nancy’s Mysterious Letter – Carolyn Keene

Not a whole lot of deep learning here, but Kathryn loves the Nancy Drew Mystery series, and in my opinion, reading still beats playing Angry Birds all day long. It also gives her something else to talk to Granma about, since these were her favorites as a girl!

For the Mamas:

Glow: A Novel – Jessica Maria Tuccelli

This was a book bought spontaneously at the airport bookshop after learning I’d have an unexpected 5-hour flight delay on the way to the 2:1 Conference. I enjoyed the depth of characters and a fictional look at the history of slavery and racial equality (or lack thereof) through several generations in the South. I got lost in this book, which helped occupy long hours waiting in the airport and keeping my mind off the fact that I was defying gravity in a giant hunk of metal hurtling at insane speeds through the sky at dizzying altitudes. {I don’t love flying.}

Quiet – Susan Cain

Subtitled: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.
I bought this one with the intent to read it as my airport/airplane book, but it was long and the font was kinda small, and I wasn’t so sure about it, even though I’d heard so many good things. Also, it takes a little concentration, which has been in short supply for me lately. Finally I had a chance to dig in and I am LOVING it. I’m only about halfway through, but have already learned so much about my introvert self and the extroverts I love. Highly recommended reading for introverts, or for anyone who loves an introvert!