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Another Week’s Multitudes { 1168 – 1181 }

Multitudes on Monday

Though the past week brought stress and tears, I’m still counting my blessings…

1168 – A houseful of friends for a coffee and dessert get-together. While they were here, I just enjoyed them, rather than trying to get photos of everyone, which is why I have this photo of a mostly empty dessert table.

Dessert Table

1169 – A sink full of dirty dishes as proof those friends were here. {grin}

Dirty Cups and Dishes

1170 – I won a book from KatDish!

1171 – Any time I get a bit of new insight into how someone thinks.

1172 – Watching “The Help.” Not quite as good as the book, but I thought it kept the overall feel of the story and the characters, which is quite an accomplishment for any movie, in my opinion.

1173 – Dad still does his “hike-jogs” about once a week, despite his health problems.

1174 – Dad’s unexplained neck/back pain is better.

1175 – Two years of Lindsey as our daughter. (Kathryn and Lindsey in the kitchen.)

Daughters Cooking

1176 – Clear reminders of why I write, and how God can use it.

1177 – The state has approved us for another foster-adoption.

1178 – More old-fashioned plants from Ken’s “MawMaw.” She has an amazing green thumb and can make anything grow, and now that she knows I love plants, she’s started rooting me new ones from cuttings of hers. This time she gave me pink angel trumpets, and she’s working on a white rose for me.

1179 – Safe travels to and fro in all our Christmas-ing this weekend.

1180 – Another Christmas celebration at my Dad’s house in the mountains. Ken took this photo of my dad with all of us girls: daughters, grand-daughters, and great-grand-daughters.

Jimmy's Girls - Dec 2011

1181 – The pleasure of photographing my littlest grand-niece, who is TOO cute for words! (Feel free to try!)

Newborn in Stocking Cap

-> In the coming week, I pray that you (and I) recognize even the smallest of blessings.

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kd sullivan

Your photos are amazing, and I wish I was at your party to help demolish all of those goodies! I was wondering if you’d consider linking up at my place today…I am hosting a Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt, and I’d love to have your beautiful photos there. Hope to see you later.


Thanks for visiting my blog. I think your lovely daughters would enjoy doing a gingerbread house. When I read your profile, you sound like me. Well except for I’m much older than you. Ha Merry Christmas.

Cha Cha

Awww, I love seeing my dirty coffee mug in your sink! The party was a wonderful blessing, thank you for inviting me into your sweet families lives. Your thankful heart is an inspiration to me.

Cha CHa


Even during hard times, a heart of thankfulness makes all the difference. Congrats on your approval for another foster adoption! 2012 may have some exciting surprises in store for your family. I’m glad that your dad’s neck/back pain is going away and that he is still able to be active. Love the picture of your sweet new grand-niece!


What lovely pictures, in words and photos, of your gratitude.
The (post) dessert table and kitchen of the dishes afterward, are such a beautiful picture of your engagement in the actual event. This time of year, that can be a challenge.
Also, I won a book giveaway this week too, so I smiled at your #1170, but was humbled since I forgot it in my gratitude list. Glad to read it hear because it brought to mind even more for which I can say thank you–you grew my list:)
Congratulations on two years with Lindsey! Merry Christmas to your family.


Love the picture of your sweet new grand-niece!What lovely pictures, in words and photos, of your gratitude.Your thankful heart is an inspiration to me.