Another Week’s Multitudes { 1168 – 1181 }

Multitudes on Monday

Though the past week brought stress and tears, I’m still counting my blessings…

1168 – A houseful of friends for a coffee and dessert get-together. While they were here, I just enjoyed them, rather than trying to get photos of everyone, which is why I have this photo of a mostly empty dessert table.

Dessert Table

1169 – A sink full of dirty dishes as proof those friends were here. {grin}

Dirty Cups and Dishes

1170 – I won a book from KatDish!

1171 – Any time I get a bit of new insight into how someone thinks.

1172 – Watching “The Help.” Not quite as good as the book, but I thought it kept the overall feel of the story and the characters, which is quite an accomplishment for any movie, in my opinion.

1173 – Dad still does his “hike-jogs” about once a week, despite his health problems.

1174 – Dad’s unexplained neck/back pain is better.

1175 – Two years of Lindsey as our daughter. (Kathryn and Lindsey in the kitchen.)

Daughters Cooking

1176 – Clear reminders of why I write, and how God can use it.

1177 – The state has approved us for another foster-adoption.

1178 – More old-fashioned plants from Ken’s “MawMaw.” She has an amazing green thumb and can make anything grow, and now that she knows I love plants, she’s started rooting me new ones from cuttings of hers. This time she gave me pink angel trumpets, and she’s working on a white rose for me.

1179 – Safe travels to and fro in all our Christmas-ing this weekend.

1180 – Another Christmas celebration at my Dad’s house in the mountains. Ken took this photo of my dad with all of us girls: daughters, grand-daughters, and great-grand-daughters.

Jimmy's Girls - Dec 2011

1181 – The pleasure of photographing my littlest grand-niece, who is TOO cute for words! (Feel free to try!)

Newborn in Stocking Cap

-> In the coming week, I pray that you (and I) recognize even the smallest of blessings.