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Multitudes in the New Year { 1182 – 1200 }

“The game was just to find something to be glad about, no matter what ’twas… you see, when you’re hunting for the good things, you sort of forget the other kind.” Pollyanna

1182 – Christmas cards in the mail.

1183 – Pinterest. I can’t believe I haven’t listed that one before! It’s so fun!

1184 – Sponsoring another Compassion child: Josphat in Kenya.

1185 – Warm brownies fresh out of the oven from our sweet neighbor – and for her thoughtfulness.

1186 – A beautiful pen-and-ink rendering of our home from my talented mom. (Yes, you can hire her to do your home!)

pen and ink drawing of home

1187 – A good home to Flipper, the big toy horse. (Kathryn had a hard time parting with her until we found just the right home.)

1188 – Christmas-time with Brandon and Diane, and my mom-in-law Joyce last week.

1189 – Easier way to enjoy praise music on my new speaker for my iPhone.

1190 – Serious progress in starting this year’s de-clutter/organize adventure.

1191 – A newly organized closet, thanks to my handy hubby who installed new shelving.

organized closet

1192 – A new bird feeder and happy birds.

1193 – Sleeping late, and alarm-clock free days.

1194 – A week off work for Ken, and more time spent together.

1195 – Bird songs on rainy mornings.

1196 – Setting up a new home office for Ken.

1197 – Creating my new photography site, and revamping our main site, Worley Arts Photography.

1198 – Photographing the Hodgepodge family! (That’s me with Tricia, aka HodgepodgeMom).

Jamie with HodgepodgeMom

1199 – Kathryn back home after a holiday week at her dad’s.

1200 – The fresh start of a fresh new year.

Multitudes on Monday

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Tricia @ Hodgepodge

What a list of blessings! Your mama is mighty talented. I love the pen and ink she did of your home. And, oh, an organized closet to start the new year. That is a mighty good feeling. Thank you, thank you Jamie and Ken for our family photos. We are absolutely thrilled. Thank you for sharing your talents with the Hodgepodge!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Love the photo of you and Tricia!! Your list is getting really long Jamie. You must have a lot to be grateful for. 🙂


That is a lot to be thankful for! Love the organized closet and the artwork by your mom. And Pinterest and brownies would make my list any day!!!


First of all Jamie, you know I COVET your list of over 1000 thank you’s, I’m waiting for my thank you’s to turn over 1000 – still a few hundred short. And from your list of thank you’s – my favorite was the birds singing on a rainy morning – they don’t sing here anymore – it’s too cold – but I heart when they do it in the spring – sunrise songs. Second place was your photography – I’ve seen your photography – you and your family should move to St. Louis – so I can grab an appointment… Read more »