My summer plans and goals

This summer, I have some specific goals…

One big one is to complete the plans I’ve started for our upcoming school year. I have a few more curriculum decisions to make, and then a whole lot of scheduling kinds of plans. (I’ll be posting more about that later.)

Ken and I want to start actually doing a family devotion time in the evenings. Even if not every day, at least most days. Summer would be a great time to get started with that.

We probably won’t go on an official family vacation this summer, but I do hope to do a few fun local activities. Maybe Ken can take a day off work here or there for a Family Day.

I have several wonderful Bible studies sitting all lonely on the bookshelves in my room. I’d like to complete one or two of those this summer, in addition to keeping up with my daily quiet time.  I want to make a point of being “still” more often this summer, too, to rejuvenate my soul and not have so many things cluttering up my mind.

I have fallen out of my exercise routine. I don’t think I had truly made it a habit before things came up to interfere, so it dropped by the wayside. So I want to not only exercise more often, but stick with it long enough to really make it a habit.

Books! I haven’t had much time to read lately, and I always have an ongoing list of Books To Read! (I welcome your book suggestions!)


“There are two ways to get enough; one is to continue to accumulate more & more. The other is to desire less.” G.K.Chesterton

With that in mind, we are considering downsize our house; we just want to be sure we aren’t serving material things.

What about you? What do you hope to accomplish this summer? And please, give me some book suggestions!