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Ocean learning gift basket

It’s that time of year when many families are starting (or have already started) a new school year. That calls for something fun — like a giveaway! I’ve chosen some of our favorite ocean-themed learning resources to share with you, and one winner will receive the entire contents of this gift basket shipped to you from right here on the North Carolina coast. I even promise to pack in a seashell or two from our beach.

Ocean learning gift basket: a giveaway!

Win this ocean learning gift basket at
Please note: actual basket not included.

This basket full of oceanic happiness has a total value of over $80!
Here’s what’s included:

Eyewitness OCEAN book

DK books have some of the most fabulous photos, and because of that, they span a wide variety of ages. Even before my youngest could read, he loved looking at the pictures and asking questions. The Eyewitness OCEAN book is one of our favorites.

101 Questions About the Seashore book

All those questions your kids have about things at the beach? This little book will answer them at least 101 of them! 101 Questions About the Seashore.

The Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown

Do you love Goodnight Moon? The Little Island is a sweet book is by the same author and has beautiful illustrations. We’ve used it as a read-aloud but it’s one that I personally enjoy because it stands the test of time and doesn’t feel childish.

Sea turtle puzzle

Y’all know we love sea turtles here, and do our part in helping them by volunteering with the conservation program as nest parents. Even if you’re too far away to assist, you can still appreciate them from afar in the this pretty Ravensburger Ocean Turtles 200-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Seashell coloring book + colored pencils

If you keep this Seashell Patterns coloring book for yourself, I won’t tell. There’s no reason the kids should have all the fun, and many people say these books help them relax and de-stress. If you do decide to share, this coloring book is geared towards older kids with it’s somewhat intricate designs. Still lovely but a little less intricate: the Big Book of Sea Life to Color. I’m including a set of colored pencils, too!

And . . .

Seashore Chalk Pastel Video Art Course: a $40 value!!

Seashore Video Art Course for All Ages
Big thanks to my friend Tricia for agreeing to give my winner access to the fantastic seaside-themed video art course! If you’re unfamiliar with these tutorials, visit that link to learn more and even watch a free tutorial. Included with the 9 tutorials in video course is an Art at the Beach ebook with 11 more seaside art tutorials! These are for ALL AGES.

You’ve seen the goodies; now enter to win by using the Giveaway Tool below! Contest ends Saturday, August 12st at 10:00PM Eastern Time. If you’re reading via email or a feed reader, click over to the blog to use the widget.


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I’ve never been to the ocean!! But… I love the colors and it always looks so relaxing and refreshing.


I love the smell and the sounds and the sand between my toes………I have not been in a very long time but the memories are wonderful!!


I love watching the sunrise and sunset!

Lindsey W.

I love the beach at dusk. The last few nights we’ve been awaiting a hatching sea turtle nest.

Karli King

I love all the sea creatures!


What a great gift basket! We love the ocean because it’s so relaxing to listen to the waves.


I love the variety that you see in the ocean and I love that there is so much left to be discovered!


I love watching the sunrise on the beach. There is nothing more peaceful! Everything is fresh and the wildlife seem more active.

Amy H.

I love that my kids enjoy playing in the sand–even with their teenage friends.

Sharon Normark

I love the scent of the ocean on the breeze, sinking my toes into the warm sand, and walking along the beach in the moon light.


I loved finding beach treasures – especially finding a jellyfish on the beach! Starfish, shells. I hope to take my daughter on her first ocean trip next summer.

Magda Miller

More than anything, I love the seaside at night, the quiet and the calm of it is amazing.

Christie Miller

The peacefulness of it all

Melinda Roberts

My son is obsessed with everything ocean he wants to be a marine biologist

Amber Ford

I love the smell and feeling the sand on my feet.


I love the salt spray, warm sand, sounds of the birds, hearing the laughter from my kids, looking for shells + other treasures, and how it seems to have this rejuvenating / relaxing effect.


I like finding shells and just sitting in the sun.

Cherith Hoppe

I love sitting on the sand and watching my kiddos play in the water.

Julia Cosgrove

I love the warm ocean breeze and the smell of the ocean.

Tanya Button

The sound of the waves crashing upon the shore.


Just closing my eyes and listening to the surf and seagulls. The smell of salt water. It has been so long………..

Lori C.

This would be great! We are taking our kids to the beach for the first time in October!!!

Katie G

I love that it brings back memories of living in California and our mini family vacations to Fort Bragg.

Dayna F.

I love the sea breeze and the smell that only ocean air has.


I love everything about the ocean! We haven’t been there in years, but I hope to be able to visit it soon.

Elizabeth T.

I love the reflection of the sunrise and sunset on the ocean, and I love the North Carolina lighthouses!

Ashlee Pitman

The soothing sound of the waves!

Karon King

Listening to the ocean is so very relaxing.


This is perfect. We are going to the beach next week and it would be great to enjoy the basket when we head back to school in September. Love everything about this basket!

Kerry A Fritz

How the sound relaxes the entire family

Sharon M

That is warm! I miss the warm water!

Heather G.

I love the salty air and the sea breeze. And finding treasures!

Wendy Clark

I love that the ocean never seems to be the same each day. Every morning it is different, in the way it looks, in the sands, in the creatures it brings to the surface.


I love the sound of the waves at night.

Anne Jetton

Thanks for the opportunity to win! I love the rare occasion that we are able to see dolphins. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s really quite magical!


I love the shear power of the waves that God has made and the life that it contains. The sound is pretty great too! (I could do without sand in all the wrong places though! Lol)


We love the ocean! And we’re heading to eastern NC next week!

Melissa M

Love the ocean and relaxing in the sand.


I grew up by the ocean but now live in a land locked province in Canada. Miss everything about the ocean such as the sounds, smells, textures, basically everything!!!

Cindy Hebert

I love everything about the ocean! The sight, sound and smell. It calms and restores my mind, heart, body and soul. There’s no where on earth I’d rather be than by the sea!


My 8 yo son has just had a spark lit to learn about ocean creatures. This would make his day.

Judith Martinez

I love the sound of the waves.

April Kim

We love the ocean! This looks like a basket full of fun to deepen our love even more!


I love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and the birds fishing for food. But most of all the smiles the beach gives to my children and my husband.

Dandi D

I’ve only been to the beach once, but I loved the smell and the sunset on the water.

Nicole S

What a great way to enhance our lessons on oceanography!

Lisa T

The unblocked view and feel of the sun!


I love the sound of the ocean waves and the cool breezes.


I love hearing the water, especially waking up to it early in the morning. ?

Shirley Braun

I love wading in the water and squishing the wet sand with my toes.