Once upon a chocolate bunny

We’ve never done the Easter Bunny thing — although we do give the kids a basket of goodies.

I’m so very thankful and humbled and amazed that Christ died on the cross, rose from the dead, and conquered sin and death. Words are inadequate to express how I feel about that. So instead, I’ll just share a funny…

When Kathryn was about three or four years old, she loved silly jokes but she didn’t really “get” them. Then one day we saw this little cartoon with chocolate bunnies, and after I explained it to her, she finally “got” it! I got such a kick out of watching her face as the figurative light bulb clicked on. And then she told EVERYONE the joke, over and over, every chance she got. And laughed like crazy every time. The joke got old, but her giggling about it never did.

This was the cartoon:

Easter Bunny joke

Now it’s become a running family joke. Any time one of us says, “My butt hurts” (which happens surprisingly often!), we all immediately say, “What?”

It just never gets unfunny.   {grin}

Now you’re in on the family joke. Happy Easter!

(Which end of a chocolate bunny do you start nibbling first: head or tails?)