One year ago, we met our teenage daughter

One year ago yesterday, we met Lindsey — or as Kathryn puts it, “looked into her eyeballs” — for the first time.

Back then, we couldn’t share her real name or her show her face in photos. So I got creative in our 1st photo.

There were so many emotions wrapped up in that day, for her and for us: anticipation, anxiety, hope, excitement… I posted about all of that in “Let’s Call Her Anne.” I can remember it all very vividly, but at the same time, it seems as if she’s been our daughter so much longer. Even Kathryn said the other day that in memories from years ago, it seems as if Lindsey was there, even though she knows she wasn’t yet. Neat how God does that, isn’t it? 

We’ve already seen Lindsey grow so much in the past year, becoming more of who God intends her to be. Friends have told us what a wonderful job we’ve been doing in parenting her, but I can say with certainty that if we have done well, it is entirely the Lord’s doing; we are simply trying to provide the love and environment she needs to flourish. That doesn’t mean she’s thrilled with all of the decisions we make; I’ve been learning the hard way that parenting is not a popularity contest. Sure would be easier if it was! 😉

We look forward to seeing what the Lord does in and through Lindsey, and we are delighted and honored He chose us to be her parents!