Our School Room

Welcome to our school room!

We need our school room to be right in the middle of things, and our living/dining room is the most convenient, central part of the house. It’s where all of our bookcases are, and it’s close to the kitchen for snacks — and tea!
Last week, I moved my computer downstairs (which required a bit of furniture re-arranging to make a little nook for my desk), so now I am just across the room from where Kathryn does her schoolwork. Much better for when I need to be involved or helping her with whatever she’s doing.

In the photo below, you can see where my desk is in relation to everything, and where our school room is in relation to the rest of the house. The kitchen is just to the right of where I was standing for this photo, and that’s the front door you see there. Our bedrooms are all on the main level of the house, too.

Lindsey really wanted a desk in her bedroom because she feels that will make it easier for her to concentrate on her work. Less distractions. So we moved the formerly-known-as-Brandon’s desk down from his now-empty room (since he moved into a nearby apartment recently). Lindsey will be working mostly independently this year, so this arrangement should work just fine. Because her room is just down the hall, it will still be convenient whenever she needs my help with anything.

The computer stays where everyone can see what everyone else is doing. Too much icky/scary stuff on the internet to not have a whole lot of accountability. Their computer time is limited to less than one hour per day; if I see that they actually need more time for school-related work, we can increase that a bit.