Our week: a wedding, a science experiment, & too many fireworks

First things first. If you missed it earlier this week, go read my post about The Wedding! It’s chock full of photos from the day I thought I would melt (but didn’t!), and a little of the sentimentality of the day Brandon and Diane got married.

{Love this photo of all three of our kids!}
Wedding kids

It occurred to me, as I was hanging out behind a bush waiting for the ceremony to start, that I talked about footwear in my wrap-up posts two weeks in a row, so I figured I’d better take a photo of the shoes I ended up wearing: sparkly, tiny bit of heel but sturdy, and fairly comfortable (although nothing is all that comfortable after 12 hours!).

Wedding Shoe

Kathryn has been gone all week for another of her summer weeks with her dad. I sure do miss her when she’s gone that long. She was such a trooper on the wedding day. It was H-O-T, it was a very loooong day, and her tooth was hurting, but she hung in there and was a great photographer’s assistant for me and Ken.

Jamie and Kathryn 063012

In our homeschool this week, I have been on a serious planning roll. Woohoo! I have a rough weekly schedule for Lindsey all the way through this year, and I have my overview of Kathryn’s homeschool year and Lindsey’s homeschool year all typed up and organized. I even managed to compile my four pages of assorted [confusing!] notes for literature and free reading books into one — and I even coded my list so I know if I already own the book, if it’s a hard copy or a kindle version, or whether it’s available at the public library. Amazing what a good night’s sleep and plenty of tea will do for my productivity! I updated my Mama’s Homeschool Notebook this week, too, and I’ll be sharing that soon since a few of you have asked for details.

This week I just jotted down Lindsey’s school assignments on a scrap of paper until I could get my nifty typed list made up. I gave it to her Monday morning, but unfortunately, I failed to make it clear that was a week’s worth of schoolwork, and she nearly had a mental breakdown thinking she had to do that much math in one day. {My typed list is much more clear!}

Ken jumped at the chance to help with a science experiment from Exploring Creation with General Science. He really wanted to “blow something up.” And actually, they did — just not in the way he was hoping. They had so much fun with it, Lindsey said they’ll have to do it again when Kathryn is here.


Balloon Experiment

Lindsey was happy to have more hours at work this week. The problem is, she only finds out her schedule one week in advance, and she’s going to need to get better at planning so that she can get her schoolwork done BEFORE going to work. Yesterday, for instance, she worked 11AM – 4PM but didn’t get up early enough to do school before work, so she had to come home and do it after. That’s no fun. We’re going to have a little goal-setting meeting soon, because I believe that will help Lindsey keep the bigger picture of things she wants to accomplish, and help her set smaller goals to reach her bigger goals — like getting a driver’s license, finishing high school, and so on.

There were so many 4th of July fireworks going on around our neighborhood, it sounded like a thunder storm, the space shuttle launch, and a gunfight in our backyard — all at once! Poor Lacy stayed squished into a tiny ball in the closet. We didn’t do anything exiting that day: just stayed close to home and enjoyed Ken’s day off. After last weekend with all the hustle and bustle of the wedding, it felt rather nice to be boring.

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