Our Week: Endings, Beginnings, and Paint!

Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week:

Thinking and discussing the possibilities in regards to a second adoption. Lindsey is finally talking about it and giving some input, which is immensely helpful. I’ve been talking to friends who have experience in specific situations to help us figure out if we can realistically handle certain issues. Ken and I have been talking in depth about our family dynamics and what we feel is best for our current and future family members. It’s kinda overwhelming.

In our homeschool this week:

The biggest thing: Lindsey finished her last day ever at public school this week. At the end of the day, she updated her status to say,

“Senior year… kind of. #homeschooledkidsarecool.”

My favorite things this week were…

  • Going to a bridal shower last Sunday for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law! {And she loved our gift.}
  • Hearing Lindsey speak positively about homeschooling.
  • Ordering the remainder of books needed for our upcoming homeschool year.
  • Buying a grill to replace the one that died completely last year. {Can’t wait to get Ken cooking on it again!}
  • Chatting via facebook with a friend I met when we went to Africa. {Still can’t get over how cool it is to be able to do that.}
  • A fun afternoon of painting — just because. No agenda. We only had three canvases, so I sat this one out, and just sipped tea and chatted while Kathryn, Lindsey, and Ken created. {I need to go buy more canvases ASAP!}

girls painting 052512

Ken painting 052512

Lindsey currently has a thing for anchors. And she’s discovered she really enjoys painting. She says it’s very relaxing.

Lindsey's anchor painting

I was so impressed with Ken’s painting: partly for the idea that I never would’ve come up with, and partly because it came out really good!

Ken's camera painting

Kathryn came up with her own creative idea, too.

Kathryn's K painting

Things I am working on:

This week I’ll be working on schedules and plans for our soon-to-start homeschool year. I’m also planning to paint a super-cute antique Hoosier-style cabinet I bought for the kitchen; of course I’ll post before and after photos!

I’m reading:

Two different ebooks for foster and adoptive parents; I’ll be doing a review soon.

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Ellen, the Bluestocking Belle

LOVE the paintings! And I can’t wait to see your hoosier cabinet project. I heart antiques and those cabinets in particular! I still need to order some books for our next year…

I love the way the paintings turned out!

Annie Kate

Oh, I love the paintings you did. That is surely a favorite thing!
Discussing adoption is a big, big deal. I wish you much wisdom and strength as you make this decision. May God bless you and your family.


The canvases turned out beautifully – what a great family project 🙂
I’m glad you heard positive words about homeschooling this week. This is GOOD.
Enjoy your weekend, Jamie!


I love the paintings!! How exciting that you are thinking of expanding your family!


Such great updates. I’m really just “getting to know you” through your blog and twitter, and I’m enjoying your family! 😉


Ken’s painting really look so great! I wish I can paint as good as him.


Love Lindsey’s status update!! Blessings for a great year for her (and you all) next year!

How fun to see everyone painting together! You have quite a talented family:)

Prayers for you as you seek God’s direction for your family.


I really love this Ken’s painting, it was truly beautiful…


The canvases turned out so well! Love the colours and the ideas…you have quite the creative family!

It is awesome to hear about how Lindsay is feeling about homeschooling. I think that by allowing her the freedom to spend this year in school but keeping the homeschool option open, she was able to make a decision that is what she really wants and next year will go all the better for it!