Our Week: Pollen, Rainbows, and A New Door!

The highlight of our week this week was a brand new back door. This may not sound tremendously exciting, but the old one was just about rotting out of the wall, so it was much needed. Our next project is to get the back porch a bit more finished. Below, the old rotting door at left, the new unit  at right, and the job in process!

Back Door

We aren’t doing much nature study lately, but we were looking at the March edition of Barb’s “Handbook of Nature Study Newsletter,” and Kathryn perked up when she saw the idea to draw a chalk rainbow on the driveway before a spring rain storm. We knew the forecast called for rain, so we braved the pollen (seriously bad: we set new record highs this week!) and drew on the driveway. Later that evening, the rain washed it all away — along with at least some of the pollen!

Chalk Rainbow

Now things are only slightly yellow from the plethora of pollen. 😉

Our week has also been full of: knitting, and making pompoms for knitting projects; reading Freckles, and Kathryn reading The Jungle Book on her own; doing a bit of geography study on the state of Texas; learning about plate tectonics in A Child’s Geography; looking at random slides in the microscope (just for fun); daily copywork, and building a wind-powered yacht (with wheels) in LEGO simple machines class.

I’ll write a more detailed weekly report next time, I promise! What have you been up to this week? Share at Kris’ Weekly Wrap-Up or Sue’s A Homeschool Mother’s Journal!