Practicing Gratitude {1029 – 1042}

I don’t want to stop counting my gifts

This week, our church sent off more than 400 students and leaders on spring break mission trips.

My dog isn’t obnoxious during storms, even though she’s scared.

Friends who understand when we tell them God has called us to something crazy.

My dad (who has much difficulty talking due to health issues) has started texting, and for the first time ever, I very much appreciate this technology.
Dad Texting
Getting income-tax stuff done and submitted.

Adoption tax credits. (They rock!)

Fun ring-tones that suit the personalities of those I set them for. (Examples: theme song from old Woody Woodpecker cartoon when Ken calls me because he loves old cartoons and he kinda laughs like Woody! Another example: the “Smokey and the Bandit” song for my dad because we used to watch those movies together and he’d crack me up laughing.)

A good visit at my dad’s house, and being able to get him laughing when it was super-hard to figure out what he was trying to tell us. “I’d like to buy a vowel, Pat!

My handy husband fixed the wii player when it stopped working.

Watching baby bald eagles hatch (via raptor cam!).

Spending time with my mom while antique shopping.

Getting some of my over-eager to-do list done already.

More spring cleaning and fun projects in store this week.

Safe flights.