family life

Practicing Gratitude {1043 – 1053}

I hope I never stop counting gifts

Getting a whole lot of things done while my family was away.

Lunch with my dad, my sister, and one of my nieces.

My family made it home safely.

I don’t live alone.

Lacy the WonderDog to keep me company.

Hearing stories of God’s faithfulness from my husband and daughter’s experience with “the least of these” in Dominican Republic.

Houseplants. And cute pots for them.

Brandon came over and cut the grass while Ken was away.

Ken didn’t have to come home to the big chore of grass cutting after an exhausting trip home.

Kathryn came home earlier than planned.


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Tina Savasuk

love it…especially the simplifying part and that you have your sweet family back.

Traci's Teaching Times

It’s great to hear everyone arrived home safe.