Practicing Gratitude {1066 – 1080}

Still counting my gifts, as inspired by Ann’s Multitudes on Mondays

Accomplishing a good week of exercising.

Good music, and comfortable earbuds for my iPhone.

Watching a robin bathe in the birdbath.

I’m featured today on Hip Homeschool Moms!

A really, really, really cute dog.


My dad spending the afternoon and night with us.

Laughing with my dad at a silly movie.

Heavenly-smelling lilac blossoms, more roses than I can count, and a plethora of peonies about to burst into bloom.

Sweet friends for my kids; play dates, snacks, and Go Fish.


Another family we know is moving towards becoming foster parents.

Attending my youngest niece’s bridal shower.


My husband loves Jesus at least as much as I do.

Visiting with Ken’s maternal grandma, who let me bring home eight different colors of irises we dug up from her fabulous old-fashioned flower garden. She is 88 years old, a widow for many years, and still works her garden nearly every day!

(One of the types of irises I got from MawMaw’s flower garden!)
One of the colors of iris I got from Ken's grandma today

Visiting with Ken’s paternal grandparents, who will celebrate 65 years of marriage next month. They are so sweet, and such a blessing!

The biggest blessing of all: He is risen!