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Practicing Gratitude {1101 – 1112}

More blessings to count…

1101  – Coffee last week with my friend Tina; we’ve been friends for at least three years, and this is the first time we’ve ever made it out of the house just the two of us for coffee!

1102 – Releasing our butterflies.

1103 – A rain barrel for watering my plants and trees.

1104 – Working in my garden, and having a garden to work in.

(a hot pink peony in my flower garden)
hot pink peony

1105 – Getting out and exercising on the days I have a really hard time getting motivated.

1106 – Online friends for exercise accountability.

1107 – Keeping up on my goal to read the Bible in 90 days.

1108 – Kathryn’s most recent blog post didn’t get erased in the weird disappearing posts issue on blogger last week.

1109 – A husband willing to do things others may think “crazy” if they’re consistent with God’s word.

1110 – Hanging out with my sister and both nieces for a casual celebration of my dad’s upcoming 70th birthday.

1111 – So much family that lives so nearby.

1112 – Someone in Cairo, Egypt made my grandmother’s pound cake recipe; I think that’s sooo cool!

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Your peony is gorgeous! A few years ago, I planted a (quite expensive) peony plant (prior to this, I’d grown them from those bulb-things) and had a bunch of weird things happen. This year, it had two pale pink blooms, and my happy dance of joy would have really embarrassed my girls if they’d been there to see! My grandmother grew white peonies with pink centers. They smelled heavenly.


Great list! How neat that someone so far away was enjoying a treasured family recipe!


Thank you for linking to me. I revised my list to link to you. Sorry I didn’t do that before. Of course, I want to point everyone to your awesome blog…I don’t know what I was thinking! 🙂
Love the rest of the list too! Yes, your peony is georgous. Looks different than mine. Mine is more like just an open (hollow) type of flower. Different type I guess.