Practicing Gratitude {1101 – 1112}

More blessings to count…

1101  – Coffee last week with my friend Tina; we’ve been friends for at least three years, and this is the first time we’ve ever made it out of the house just the two of us for coffee!

1102 – Releasing our butterflies.

1103 – A rain barrel for watering my plants and trees.

1104 – Working in my garden, and having a garden to work in.

(a hot pink peony in my flower garden)
hot pink peony

1105 – Getting out and exercising on the days I have a really hard time getting motivated.

1106 – Online friends for exercise accountability.

1107 – Keeping up on my goal to read the Bible in 90 days.

1108 – Kathryn’s most recent blog post didn’t get erased in the weird disappearing posts issue on blogger last week.

1109 – A husband willing to do things others may think “crazy” if they’re consistent with God’s word.

1110 – Hanging out with my sister and both nieces for a casual celebration of my dad’s upcoming 70th birthday.

1111 – So much family that lives so nearby.

1112 – Someone in Cairo, Egypt made my grandmother’s pound cake recipe; I think that’s sooo cool!