Practicing Gratitude – Beyond 1000

Yes, I am still counting my gifts!

1001) God gave me a patient husband, and our strengths and weaknesses complement each other very well.

1002) Getting things out in the open so we can deal with them; shining a light in the dark places.

1003) A good visit from my dad despite communication challenges (related to his health issues).

1004) Signs of spring, and how it always reminds me of new beginnings

1005) Not all blossoms smell like these pretty-but-stinky Bradford Pear trees.
Bradford Pear tree blossom

1006) When all of our kids are in the house (like when Brandon came for supper Friday night), and the abundance of laughter we share!

1007) My goofy family. (Ken in the shopping buggy at Hobby Lobby)

Silly Life

1008) Cute watering cans — and cute girls who like to play in the garden.
elephant watering can

1009) Flip-flop weather, and letting my toes see the light of day.
Flip-flop weather
1010) Get better at meal planning!

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